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Slow update

What in the world did I spend part of my last month's earnings on?
On friends birthday, transport, food and some of the things here :

2 for $10 from Bugis Street. The tee in brown really describes me =X

Wanted to get the True White Vitamin powder for a long time. Then there was this Metro closing sale having 20% off. Haha. Then tempted to buy the True White Night Cream to work along with it, you know, supposed to synergise the effect. But I didn't. Passed by Watson's and discovered there was a 30% off the True WHite Series! Except the Vitamin Powder. Phew~ So I bought the Night Cream. Was so happy =D =X

Had ordered this dress in June, and it came a few wks ago. Well, if you compare with this pic that I saw online, the colour really looks different...

Obviously photo has been edited before. The colours in this pics looks v nice. But still can be worn. Haha. With postage I spent about 25 bucks for this baby doll top.

So for this dress, I purposely go Ice Lemon Tee to buy a pair of black leggings to go online with it. About 13 bucks. Last time I used to loathe people that wore leggings, thought it was silly that everyone is following trend and Aunties wear wearing it. But now I change my mind. =X
Okay.. so let me back track in time a little more...
Don't know which off day I went out Baby to Suntec.. happened to discover a short queue.. for Donuts! Since the queue was so short, I thought I just queued to buy that (in)famous Donuts..
Less than 10 minutes and I bought a dozen for my family, half a dozen for Baby's family.

Those weird flavours don't suit my taste. Normal chocolatey once with nuts taste best.

Yep. That's all for this entry. Have done justice to these pics.