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加護亜依 Kago Ai hospitalised after suicide attempt :(

" TOKYO: Ai Kago, a former member of the Japanese girl group Morning Musume, was hospitalized after attempting to take her own life on Sunday and is now out of danger, reported Japanese media. "

Kago Ai, also known as Aibo, is one of my favourite Jpop artiste after I got to know about Morning Musume and WShe was involved in a underage smoking scandal and also being involved with a older guy who was 37 yrs in 2006 and subsequently she was totally out of the Hello-Project. She is one year younger than me. I really love her when she was younger, she is totally the most kawaii artiste personality I ever seen. 
After the scandal she has grown up and change into a more mature lady but it seems like her life is not smooth sailing. She did 2 photobooks if I'm not wrong and are both semi-nude, which I don't like because it kinds of destroys the pure and adorable image I have of her. But I guess maybe this is kind of a way for her to show that she is grown up and no longer the cute Aibon in Morning Musume. Still I think she is talented and beautiful and I hope she will treasure her life and what she have. 

W (ダブルユー) or Double U (Kago Ai aka Aibon and Nozomi Tsuji aka Nono)
Picture from

Many of you may not know Kago Ai (left in the picture), who used to be from the 4th generation of Morning Musume girls group. She and Nozomi Tsuji formed a duo group named W aka Double U after they graduated from Morning Musume. It's a bit confusing... Morning Musume has a few subgroups created by the producer Tsunku =, Kago Ai was in Tanpopo and Mini Moni group too when she was in Morning Musume. The detailed information can be found in Wikipedia. I love Kago Ai and W especially, I think Nono and Ai chan is really a formidable, super duper talented and cute together. And it is known that the 2 girls are like sisters and really have 'Mo Qi' or in English - Tacit Understanding or good rapport with each other. When I was in secondary school I got introduced to Morning Musume's songs,  which the very 1st song I heard was the 'Love Machine' 

This was the song by the 3rd generation of Morning Musume.  Kago Ai and Nono is not in this song because they have not joined the group yet. They are the 4th generation.

Another very cute video of the early MM .... Titled : Ai no Dance Site

And another favourite song here......

And this is another my favourite MV of MM with cute Aibon and Nono in it! 

And here's a sad song about Mother by MM. Titled: Furusato (Hometown) I like the tune.

Okay here's another video of Kago Ai in the group TanPoPo... I love this MV! Brings back the memories of the teenage days when I just saw this cute video...

And finally... One of the many nice W's song!  Titled: Miss Love Tantei (detective).

Aren't they kawaii!

Here's a cute video of Kago Learning English 

And here is a amazing feat by Ai chan and Tsuji san , a Guinness World Record, pls watch!

I really wish they had produced more W songs before Ai chan left the company.... They are really perfect as a pair together.... 

Ai chan ganbatte ne! Treasure your life and live it to the fullest! 

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