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Presents ♥

Bought this blue Cher Bag from Ri-chan! She gave me the small Cher bag free =D Brand new.
This Cher bag was released before I started going "gaga" over Japanese magazines. My friend has it and is still using it now, and I think the colour is really sweet. Thus when I saw Ri-chan was selling it on her blog I felt tempted to buy it! I have another small Cher bag but the colour isn't as nice.

This the one. =P

And my friend Li Jun went to Thailand for holiday and bought this kawaii cotton balls like hairband! Have been wanting to buy this, saw it at Daiso but I didn't. Just nice my friend bought this!!! ♥ Everytime I wear this at work, my colleagues would say they look like candyballs =D

And another friend who went Taiwan bought this for me! So sweet la, it's Integrate's new eyeshadow palette in BR606! It's NT390!

 Enlarged photo to see the colours more texture more clearly. Didn't bear to swatch them yet. But they contain fine glitter as you can see. The bottom left colour is supposed to give that reflecting shine which you apply after you apply the other eyeshadows in the palette.
& not forgetting another present from YiTing, also bought in Taiwan. It's like a scarf with wire in it, can wear it on the head to make it look like rabbit ears! Read my previous post  But I never had the courage to wear it out in Singapore. =P

Thanks for reading!!! - Harumipq ♥