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Love from Melbourne, Part 2 - Random Stuff


Here is the 2nd post as promised.

I found some of the pretty sky photos that I didn't manage to find while creating the last post, I really want to share them here:

This was early in the morning when I woke up to hot air balloons floating by... But my window was misty and iPhone's camera can't really zoom in...but it was a thrill to see them :) (the balloon is the tiny speck of dot on the right hand side of the pic near the building)

 These photos were taken from my room windows when it was real gloomy and looked like it was going to rain

Found another rainbow pic in my drive. 

Can you spot the airplane in the picture above and below? :)

There'a actually a black kite in the picture here; above the tree

Here's a pic taken on the way home from school in the bus. Beautiful sunset colours!

Sorry if you are bored of all these photos, but I really love clouds and skies.... And now the worst thing that could have happened is that in our hostel we were forced to move down from Level 5 to Level 2.... "Downgrade" because they are converting the existing Level 4 and above to all hotel rooms instead of mix hostel-hotel rooms on those levels. Uber sad because we couldn't get suitable rooms with good views. Now the view outside of my window are trees and a tent just right below me with people smoking underneath that tent from time to time. I never pull up my blinds ever again now, no more good sky views for me. 

Yep... so now on to ... More food pictures? In the previous post I organised the content under nice headings under 'Weather' and 'Food' but I realised most of my pictures are about these 2 only. -.-" So I shall not bother organising the content... 

Here's a picture of what my SO brought over for me when he came to visit during the school break
1 packet of Nissin Instant Mug Noodles, 1 packet full of Furikake toppings for rice, 1 packet of kawaii Rilakkuma biscuit sticks, 2 precious packets of Bee Cheng Hiang Pork Floss! All sponsored by sweet friends Shin san and gf JH san.<3
SO bought instant Miso packets for me too.... Isn't in the picture. 

Especially the pork floss, I believe Bee Cheng Hiang pork floss is not available in Melbourne. When I have nothing to eat, I sometimes would just eat the pork floss alone by itself 'cause it is so nice. XD 

Okay and on April 29 2011 England Prince William and Kate Middleton got married, my friends and I gathered in my tiny room to watch the live telecast of the wedding in London. It was so exciting for me, because I have always been fascinated by the the idea of Prince and Princess like most little girls (I presume), and yeah my SO name happens to be William too (super common name). And I like Princess Diana, with influence from my mum who likes her. And I think the ring that Princess Diana chose for herself the sapphire stone with diamonds surrounding it is so cool.... and it's so sweet that Prince William proposed to Kate with his mother's ring! I swear I want a proposal ring that has a beautiful sapphire stone too and not the boring one round diamond that every other girls have ( no offence to anyone it's my personal opinion ;) , and I actually have the tiny round one from him for 21st birthday already thus yeah no need bigger one!)  

Here's a picture of the ring from this person's blog.... Nice post on the ring! :)

So like 1 or 2 months later when I was at the Aussie Post office with my friend I saw this.... and bought it!

Isn't this so cool! Although I'm not a stamp collector (my Uncle used to be a real avid stamp collector I have seen his albums of stamps from all over the world when I went to Grandma's house last time) , I wanted to own this and keep pass down to my grandchildren! Haha... I wished I was studying in England at times like my colleague who is there for 2 years. I didn't ask my friend to help me buy the stamps from England though, I think the Aussie version is as good la. :D

I want to share this with you all.... Eggs with Smiley faces printed on them! How cute! Some observations of the eggs in OZ. They are placed in the refrigerated sections of the market (unlike Singapore?), and they a a lot of brands (home brands and others), and there is like different sizes of the eggs: Large (600g), XL(700g) , and there is free range and caged eggs choices. The very 1st egg that I cracked in OZ, had double yolks in it! My friends and I thought that all eggs in OZ were like that and went "Wow". But subsequently, we discovered that it wasn't the case after we bought a few more boxes. Well, I guess that's call 'Beginner's Luck' huh. Haha... 

I love to post more stuff but it's 3am again now I better stop blogging already. It's so difficult to backdate and post everything that has happened for the past few months in 2 short posts. That is the problem with not doing work on a timely basis and compromises the quality of the work also. Especially for school work. :X If you are studying, study hard and don't be a procrastinator like me! 

Signing off with <3