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Billy Bombing Baby

And so... because I got a coupon from Billy Bombers that time I dined with Grace, that says 10 bucks off for min. $20 spent, so one day after work last month Baby and Me went to the Billy Bombers at Cineleisure to eat dinner.

But upon sitting down, I read the coupon again and realised that this was only applicable on weekdays! That particular day was not weekday. What to do?

The prices on Billy Bomber menu is higher than your Pastamania menu.

Anyway, we just ordered a main course we thought that would be big serving, along with a soup and ice-cream lime drink.

Serving not as big as the price.
This is tasty =)
Anyway, halfway eating through, I realised the table behind Baby was someone I did not like to see and felt uncomfortable seeing. Luckily Baby did not know and he was big enough to block me from that person. But my appetite was spoilt and he ended up having the chance to finish up eveything on the plate. Haha. For this the price I paid was to pay for the bill, as I did not want him to move too much and let that person see me (or him). I used my new debit card from POSB to pay for that freaking expensive meal. Anyway later Baby got to know who that person was.
Seriously the 5 course meal offer is more worth it if you want to dine at Billy Bombers.

Clarke Quay

Last month Baby met me after work after Clarke Quay to explore the new shopping mall The Central. Saw this bag (the 3rd pic in this entry) in one of the shops and sort of love @ 1st sight with it. So Baby helped me asked for the price. 49 bucks! The salesgirl was very enthu abt her products and told me this was the only piece left, and that her boss only brought in 2 piece from HK. After that seeing that my face write - TOO EXpensive, she said she can give me discount up to 45 bucks. But baby pulled me away saying that it's still to Ex. Well.. I was sort of tempted cos I couldn't get it out of my mind. Haha..

Anyway after that this naughty boy asked me to treat him to eat at this Fisherman's Wharf directly across the Central. We ordered the cheapest item there, Fish and Chips. With the oh-so-expensive soft drinks. The Fish and Chips cost about $6.50 for one if I never remember wrongly. The Fish was quite big piece and tasted quite good. And do bring enough cash with you if you want to go there and eat because that's the only mode of payment they accept according to Baby who ordered the food. The wooden chairs aren't exactly comfortable and the table quite small. But the Fish and Chips are worth a try.

So what is this picture doing here? Well, I went back to the Central with Grace a few weeks later again to shop with her. Bought this top from one of the shop. This cost 22 bucks. Liked how the blue polka dots stand out from the black.

Tada! This is the bag that I eyed for. After going back to Clark Quay with Grace, I went back to the shop and found the bag to be there still, as if waiting for me. Haha.. I bargained until 40 bucks easily with the same salesgirl who did not really remember me. Wish I had tried to bargain until 35 bucks though =X
So after all the shopping me and Grace went to eat at Billy Bombers. We shared a 4 course-meal, the last course we ate Ben and Jerry's chocolate ice-cream. My 1st time eating Ben and Jerry's ice-cream! Sua gu right.. haha.. But it tasted smackingly delicious. =o~

So I went back home with a very happy mood.
So far I have only wore this once out, that is going out with Baby this month. But the previous day I mentioned abt this top he totally don't remember how this top looks like. Which makes me a little disappointed =/

Pasta VIP

I received the Pastamania VIP member card last month. To apply for this card it's very tedious if you rely on your ownself. Why? Because you need to buy 300 bucks worth of pasta in order to be eligible for the card. And what do you get in the end? A VIP member card that is valid only for 1 YEAR that allows you to get 10% discount off ONLY ON pasta and pizzas. Not the whole bill wor.
How in the world did I get this card? Haha.. coz last year my birthday was celebrated at Pastamania so already spent 100 bucks there. You get a stamp on their paper card for every 10 bucks spent on pasta and pizza. The other 200 bucks was accumulated by me and baby.
Well, I bet I would not get back $300 bucks worth of discount within one year.

Gifts from Batam

Baby had went to Batam with his mother last month and came back with a couple of things for me.

1. Ripcurl Slippers
2. Fake Birkenstocks
3. Ralph Lauren Polo Tee (Silver Embroidery)

But I realised that no one will know that the Ripcurl slippers are Rip Curl Slippers, because the words are not visible at all (as u can see in the 1st picture). So I used the silver marker I bought last time to colour it. The effect was good. =)

Blue Nails

I like blue colour, because it's one of the good colours for me according to my mum who knows how to 算八字. Thus out of boredom one day I decided to buy blue varnish to paint my nails.

The lighter blue with glitter on my nails is from Canmake (a jap brand) bought from Watsons at $6.90. The dark blue on top is actually from Daiso (Vivo city outlet) , so the price is obvious. (In case you have no idea what Daiso is, it's a all items $2 concept shop). I'm so proud of my end product, I thought it looked like it was done in those manicure pedicure shops =D

After many days later, I tried to paint my fingernails with the 2 bottles of blue nail varnish. But I found it difficult to keep them in perfect condition, the blue varnish were too thick to dry properly. So I had to give up the stupid idea of painting my nails after many tries (i.e. cleaning up my nails and reapplying everything again, base coat, colour coat, protective coat).

And I was so frustrated I spilt my Daiso nail varnish on my marble floor! Artistic right? Luckily I managed to clean it up with my nail varnish remover.

But it's time to remove my nail varnish, my toenails are growing revealing unpainted new nails.