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How to achieve double eyelids without surgery?

As per topic title, this post is on double eyelids. When I was younger as a child I had monolids, but later on it become small double eyelids that were often hidden. It would "come out" to meet people often but "hide" itself when it is not happy (when the lid is more puffy).

I have small eyes, having prominent double eyelids help to open up my eyes and of course looks prettier. Problem is I always have unsymmetrical looking eyes due to the different eye conditions on each side of the face. Like right now I have hidden left eyelid and prominent right eyelid. Sometimes when the condition of my eyes is really bad as I like to rub my eyes when they feel really itchy, the folds of the eyelid will be gone completely. And my undereye has super prominent deep lines. I have super dry skin around my eye area too. In other words, my eyes are always giving me problems.

In one of Popteen's issue, there was a page of the different types of  creating double eyelid tools. At 1st I didn't give much notice to it. But I went back to flip that page after I saw this on Youtube:

Looks amazing right? It looks very ideal as unlike the common eyelid tape as shown in the Taiwan show right at the BOTTOM of this post, it looks more natural as it is not so visible as it is an eyelid stretch fiber. I read up in flowerpod forum this original brand of stretch fiber Mezaik used to be sold in Sasa, but it's no longer available. It is not very cheap also if you look it up in EBay. But I found an alternative brand, ARCH Double Eyelid Stretch Fiber on Ebay, which is the same thing but at much cheaper price.

Actually I discovered another type of eyelid tape on on this site:  . Please go and see the video section in the website to get the idea on how to use that product.
I was tempted and decided for a long time between this and the stretch fiber tape. In the end I still wanted to try the Stretch fibre tape as I thought it was slightly cheaper. And so in mid July I recieved my package:

Was a bit disappointed when I saw the packaging below, looks different from the website, it's not even brand as ARCH. :


90 pieces of stretch fiber tape inside. But I didn't bother counting them! I wasted quite a few trying to stick it to my eyelids, but it doesn't stick well! It doesn't give me my double eyelids also. Not as easy as the video. I guess it is the problem with my lids being too thin? Or is it too puffy? I did clean my eyelids before pasting, and anyway my eyelids are super dry, it is not oily at all. This thing doesn't work for me ..... aww....... Maybe it is because it is not the original stuff so it ain't as sticky? Thus my problem of big small eyes or super small eyes cannot be solved still. Only on lucky days will I get symmetrical eyelids.

I think I have kind of given up trying other eyelid products. I also own the roll of eyelid tape before buying this. But I think it is too obvious and not natural at all. Furthermore my eyes are very problematic and is super allergic and sensitive. I think if I want to have more pretty enhanced double eyelid lookalike eyes I shall just layer on fake eyelashes, a tip Ri chan reminded me of the other day we went shopping. 

Furthermore the most stupid thing that happened..........

Right eye < ---                                                     Left eye -----> 

I accidentally cut my left eye's inner corner lashes as I was trying to cut away the stretch fiber tape ends! If you clicked on the video right above of this post you will realises why I need to cut away the ends. It is cropped away by my clumsy hands. !@#$%.

Luckily it is not super obvious. But I really wonder how long will it take to grow back to the same length?

Anyways I want to share with you the interesting tip Kelvin teacher in the Taiwan Beauty talk show demonstrated , on how to use the double eyelid tape. It's shown at the end of the part 1 video below and continued in part 2.

女人我最大 2010-07-15 pt.1/5


 女人我最大 2010-07-15 pt.2/5  

Hope you enjoyed this post! ^.^