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Updated at the other blog .. I lost $50 becoz I had a hole in my back pocket of my jeans (Sobssss).

Another sad thing is 2 crystals have dropped out in 2 days for my new PH wallet.... argh.....

Anyway... I'm lemming for a white/gold nike bag I saw at Shaw Isetan this weekend ... (excuse for B to buy for my new start at sch =P ) but it's a quite ex imo... ($60).

And after my stint of buying the whitening pills, I ordered Crestwhitestrips at
Hope they will reply soon....

And recently I just got to know that Shiseido's MM will be out in sg's major watsons outlet soon!! Can't wait to see them!


New Wallet!

Thanks B for the Paris Hilton wallet*. =D

*Nov 4 Req.

Damage Done for Hari Raya :

1. Creative Speakers for Sis - 19.90
2. Sony White Ear piece for Sis - 19.00
3. 2 Triumph Lingerie ( Black / Nude) - ~130

Updates for Sept:

2 Sato Hakubi C2 supplements - 48.00