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Out Alone : Chapter 1 - Facial

Facial : Small Talk -
Remember that time I bought Aqualabel's  moisturising milky mousse facial form and whitening emulsion at the pre-launch in June and they were giving away away free facial voucher with every $30 spent. So I made appointment for 23/5/10 afternoon slot as I was off from work at 1pm < worked on Sat afternoon :(  >

It was at the Shiseldo office at Orchard Building just opposite Cineleisure. Not my 1st time there as I have went there a couple of times before for their Shiseldo sales.

Reached there at 2pm sharp and a very pretty lady asked me to change into their white towel robe in the room for facial. When you enter the tiny room there is this mirror with a basin. At the side is the full range of the Aqual Label 's products, the Whitening range (in blue packaging) and the Moisturing range (in red packaging).

The lady came in after that but she said I wore the robe wrongly! Yes I wore it around my neck covering my shoulders, I should be wearing it around my bust ( I was quite embarrased, how could I forgotten how to wear this? I went for facials before! but was very long that I didn't already) instead! I was like "sorry!" and she said it's okay :) and I turned around quickly and wore it down in a jiffy.

Actual Process - The Whitening Facial using Aqual Label's Whitening Range
This is my rough understanding of the process, from what I asked during the facial. Cos normally the person don't explain every single step she's doing on your face.

1. Makeup oil removal on face including eyes and lips : She commented I have clogged pores at the cheeks near my nose. Reminded me to use makeup removal oil when I have foundation and sun block on!

An oil-based makeup remover to remove all types of makeup effortlessly.
- Contains sebum-plug removing ingredient that deeply cleanses and unclogs pores.
- Exfoliates dead skin cells and excess melanin for better clarity but doesn't strip skin of moisture.

2. Cleansing

.A gentle yet powerful cleanser that doesn't strip skin of moisture.
- Contains White Clay Powder to remove impurities without imposing undue burden on skin + Skin-friendly Granules that releases Hyaluronic Acid into skin when massaged onto face.

3. Steaming : I think to open up the pores?

4. Exfoliating whitening cream  from ZA, to rub away my dead skins cells.

5. White up Lotion aka Softener : She emphasized this is not Toner ( for minimising pores). This is to help remove excess dead skin cells and allow better absorption of the products in the next step.

A softener that infuses skin with moisture and brightens skin from within by removing dead skin cells and excess melanin.

6. Emulsion + Oil : Emulsion is like moisturiser, she combined the product with some oil and massaged my face, neck and shoulder! It was "Kimochi.........". Very relaxing!

An extremely lightweight moisturiser that prevents the development of spots and dullness and keeps skin thoroughly moisturised.

7. Hot Towel : She used a hot towel to cover my face and neck, it was a bit tad too hot, but she did ask me whether it was too hot or not.

8. Whitening Face Mask : So she used the sheet mask and covered my face, and left me alone for maybe 10 mins?

An intensive whitening care mask to undo the damages caused by UV rays.
- Prevents formation of excess melanin and replenishes skin with sufficient amounts of moisture.
- Mask features S-shaped cuts to lift cheeks and keep them firm

9. Whitening Enhancer :

 *STAR PERFORMER*A powerful "infusion" skincare step that powerfully forces moisture and essential ingredients into the deep layers of your skin so that they can be perfectly absorbed.

10. White Liquid Foundation : She asked me if I wanted to try their foundation, and of course I said ok! I didn't know they had foundation in the range too! She applied pink ochre 10 on me.

Its lightweight texture glides on smoothly to give a lasting finish. Also contains Moist Aqua Keeping Base to keep skin moisturised all day long. It has SPF25 PA+ and comes in 5 shades.

*All pictures and description are from their Aqua label Sg  Face Book page.

Yep so that's all. The liquid foundation was very light and quite moisturing in my opinion. Could consider buying if you are looking for a liquid foundation! I'm not sure about the coverage as I don't have any serious problems with my skin right now. But I supposed it is a light coverage foundation.

Did you Know?

I asked her if the moisturing milky mousse foam I bought from her was safe for use around eyes, the facial lady said yes. And she said if I don't use water to lather up the cleanser, I can use the creamy cleanser to remove my eye makeup. So it doubles up as a make up removal! But if it's that kind of hard to remove water proof eye mascara/eyeliner then it is still necessary to use removal oil.

Side story: The pretty lady is a Indo-chinese Shieldo assistant trainer. They don't offer facials normally at their office, it's only for this promotion! =) Thank you Shieldo!

P.s. Next up will be Out Alone: Chapter 2 - Shopping!

Michelle Phanatic!



I cannot remember the exactly when did I know about Michelle Phan. It should be around 2006 during my poly days? But it was before her Lady Gaga video definitely. It was when she blogged in Xanga as ricebunny. From her blog I knew she was a gamer, an art student too. I can really say I grew up (in makeup knowledge) from watching her videos!

It was random chance that I came across her videos in youtube, and I absolutely adore all the tutorials she created. And it is amazing over the years the quality of her videos improved a lot (not that it was anywhere bad at all, but it has rise to very professional standards in my opinion). If you still don't know who I am talking about, click and watch the video and the link above.

There was a period of time she really updated her videos frequently (just before she got really really famous now) and I would go online everyday to check out if there was any new updates. But now that she's got twitter,facebook, I can just see from them to know if there's any.

I admit looks after one of the factors that attracted me to her videos. Her voice is amazing too as a "narrator", it is not childish squeaky or rough, it's soothing. And she really knows how to choose her music for her videos. Because of her, many of us "phanatics" learnt about Late Night Alumni's wonderful music.

She gives interesting information and tips, like from last time using a card or brush to shield your eyelids during mascara application, how to clean your brushes, and introduce interesting products like BrushGuard .

I'm so happy I knew her before she got this famous (saved me time from having to see her videos from the start), and also very happy for her that she has become successful! It's really wonderful to see people turning their passion into something that can be at the same time the main income of their life, into success.

And not to mention she has her own line of products now. I bought her IQQU acne serum and 1st generation sunblock for quite a long time. Will do a review for it next time!

P.s. I declare myself to be a Phanatic! =P