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Poupee Girl + Marina Barrage

Been wanting to post stuff but am just too tired n occupied.... >.< One of the stuff I am so occupied with is playing Poupee Girl ! On the left side of my blog, scroll down and you can see my self-created poupee girl of the day. Click back and you can see previous days of my doll in different styles. I know this website has been around for quite long but I just got to playing this recently only.

Poupee Girl is a fashion community where you can dress up your doll, earn ribbons (the currency used in the Poupee community), buy and sell fashion items for the doll. One of a way to earn ribbons is to post photos of your own fashion items like clothes, cosmetics, accessories, skincare, decorated mobiles & gadgets. No face is allowed in the pictures.

Screenshot of my Poupee Girl's homepage.

At first I was addicted to the Poupee Girl Market where other users sell their unwanted items. I could sit in front of the computer for half a day just to keep refreshing the Market page to buy cheap and nice items to sell so that I can earn more ribbons!

Reason for saving so much ribbons is because there are items selling in a shop opened by Poupee Girl Katherine that are pretty and exquisite, not available in the market. I've read online that items bought from Katherine's shop can only be sold 5 months and 1 day later. Even if it's for sale on market already, prices of some items like Yukata would be marked up than it's original price. 

But after some time of playing I am not so addicted to it now, I just try to log in daily and change clothes for my Poupee Girl and earn some ribbons. The Poupee effect will die off after some time, just like with the games on Facebook. Haha.....
* * *
Last Sunday I went to Marina Barrage for the 1st time with bf and good friend (Hey Amilia! =P) 's bf ZX .I didn't realise the grass patch I see people flying kite on was built at the Marina Barrage building on level 3. And my bf laughed at me when I asked him where is the big grass patch, why are we taking a lift on this building! We didn't fly kite as we didn't buy any in the end (they told me there was a shop selling kites at Barrage but I didn't manage to find). We went there for a picnic and had a short session with ZX on
 learning how to use the dSLR.


Look at the Doraemon kite!!! The soles of Doraemon flaps up and down in the air... Cute!!!

It was very windy there, this pretty rainbow umbrella ZX lend me was spoiled by the huge wind as it overturned the umbrella causing the joints to be detached. It belongs to ZX's grandpa... I'm so sorry! =(

I <3 the pretty blue sky

Marina Sands on the left and Singapore Flyer on the right.

Space ship invasion. =P

Super cute looking girl flying kite. かわいい!

ZX n Atashi.

Kite with superrrrrrrrrr long tail.


: )

Guin Guin.

His back <3

Atashi no Sunglass ("v")

Paul n Joe bag (Jap Mag freebie) - Perfect for picnics!

Shall end this post with a Hello Kitty Kite! <3