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A dream is a wish that your heart makes / Cinderella

a dream is a wish your heart makes

when you're fast asleepin dreams

you will lose your heartaches

whatever you wish for you

keep have faith in your dreams

and someday your rainbow

will come smiling through

no matter how your heart is greaving,

if you keepon believing the dream

that you wish will come true

(clock: ding!! ding!!)

cinderella: oh that clock!! kill joy!! i hear you c'mon get up you say!! time to start another day... even he orders me around. well there's one thing, they can't order me to stop dreaming and perhaps someday....

the dreams that i wish will come true....(humming)

taram taratam taramtamla....lalalalala ladihmmmmmmmtaramtam taramtam ladihmmmmmlalala lalala laahhhh hmm

(mice and cinderella humming)

no matter how your heartgreaving,

if you keepon believing the dream that you wish will come true


Happy Happy December

Congratulations to Bb for making his wish come true =D
(i.e to get into OCS)

Feel happy and proud of him, that his efforts paid off.

He bought the Casio Lovers Collection 2007 limited edition watch earlier on this month out of a sudden. Of course we shared the price.

Photos :


Celebrating Nov 4th on Oct 26th 2007

5 Yrs together already... Time flies...

Sad to say, today he is still at tekong for outfield. But we celebrated beforehand last weekend.
Went to Orchard's Partyworld for karaoke... My 1st time there. Felt that the environment is more for adults unlike KBOX who's interior designs are like for teens... Recieved my 2nd bouquet of real flowers from him. Of course I was elated to recieve them. =) The 1st bouquet was one of the Xmas a few yrs ago.

Took quite a while to warm up into Singing... Cos both of us a bit paiseh.. Haha.. Although we been together for so long but nvr go singing together b4..

Pose pose for cam

Went to Ngee Ann City Lvl 5 to eat.. Seriously have no idea what has Betty Boop got to do with their theme of the restuarant?

Posing for my cam leh. lol.

My order. But the milky taste was too strong. Nt v nice actually.

His order. Well, according to him, it was not bad.

Ice-cream and apple crumble. But the apple crumble's bottom tasted like flour that is not well done.

Cheese with Brownie. Wierd combination. Brownie was tasty, cheese was too salty.

Close up of the sweet flowers =D . 6 pink stalks. Like the sweet pink v much. But he said he chose pink because the reds were sold out. bleh.

Forgive my dark circles.

Very sweetly done. Chocs from Taiwan. Hearts from him. Was done in the camp.
Was a perfect day together, spending quality time together. Just that didn't like him to play his stupid PSP while waiting for food to be served. Haha...


Geylang Dimsum & VivO/Sentosa

Sweetie Hui Eng brought me to this dimsum eatery in geylang for brunch Ate minced pork porridge ($2), har gao, cha sao zhu chang fen, cha sao bao. Yummy! I drank warm barley water ($1.50) and it came in a container. They had aloe vera chunks in it, quite nice =). Both of us spent 20 bucks altogether. As per sweetie, this shop is 24 hrs, and is crowded at nite and wkends. After tt we proceeded to Vivo for our Sentosa trip.

Bought this funny cartoon accessories at DaiSo! Always $2 shop. Haha.. Actually was I was looking for straw hat in Daiso (but to no avail). Then she came across this 3 banglets and 3 rings in one bundle for $2 bucks. It matched mine and hers outfit, so we bought it and wore it straight! Couple rings! haha..Also bought a very sweet rainbow coloured hairband for tying hair each. =D After tt we spent the whole day in Sentosa photo-whoring. Lol.

Secret Recipe

Sua ku arielle nvr eat secret recipe b4. So upon meeting sweetie HuiEng on 16 Oct Tues 2007 after work, we walked down to PS after having what you pay is what you get jap meal at cineleisure. The one on the left is the classic crumble cheescake (if i nvr rmber the name wrongly), the one on the right is the Mango cake. The former is delicious in my opinion, the latter is really filled with mango bits but a bit too creamy (lots of whipped cream). $4.90 ++ for each cake. Yummmy!

x.x Spendthrift x.x

This month I have spent way too much on junk food =X

and this and that.

Should restrict myself from now onwards.....

For example...

Super (ex) Sanrio Cookies

Went shopping with Sis and saw this. I bought it for 11 dollars plus only because I want the box! =x

The whole box is full of coffee smell which I don't really like =/ ( cos one of them is coffee flavoured)

Went into this 1 for 1 shop. I liked this for the glitter studs in the hair clip. But seriously I don't wear this kind of clip. Impulse shopping =/

That day I also bought shoes for work, 19.90. (spent quite a lot tt v fateful day my sis went to do my pre-employment checkup with me.. )
Let's backtrack a little. Bought this necklace for 10 bucks during one of the meet ups with sweetie HuiEng at cineleisure. It's like the sweetest colour I ever seen in a necklace bead b4... =D

There's 3 ways to wear this!

And backtrack a little more. Bought this at BGH Southernhaven for $39. At 1st I tot it came with the inner piece sphag, in the end it didn't. The lacey inner piece was another freaking 2o over bucks. I nearly bought the inner piece also. Luckily I didn't. Cos I don't have that kind of budget. $39 bucks for this is still quite ex to me! But fall in love at 1st sight becos of the color and design. Later on a someone told me this design is quite hot in Korea now.

Pardon Cinderelleira's messy Master bedrm.

Big hole in pocket now.