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The 2 Kinds of Clothes Retailer Online

As the title indicates, I want to talk about the online shops selling clothes. I am not defaming any particular sites, just want to share my experiences!

Some online sites (many in fact in the past) sell clothes using pictures from their suppliers. The models can be Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese. A lot of times, pictures are in viewable size, but not exactly big and super clear. And of course the clothes look fantastic on them all the time as the models are always kawaii/sexy/pretty/sweet. And I believe many of you gals also can't help browsing the website(s) over and over again deciding what to buy. And maybe from only 1 piece that you want, you end up deciding to buy more than that, especially when they say buy how many pieces got what discount blah blah blah! (okies I'm just talking about myself >.< ). Some pictures may not be even clear, you just have to use your imagination and hope that it will turn out as pretty as the way it looks in the picture!

 But as with online shopping, you cannot touch cannot feel for yourself the clothes material and quality can only see and read from the picture and description. I do not buy online clothes that often as some do but I do have my share of experience receiving goods that are just disappointments! Here's an example:

I thought this looks casual and cute!
Shall not say which website this was taken from, it's a picture from the supplier that all online blogshops are using if they are selling this piece.

But when I receieved it I was like.......

I mean, the colour is totally off, yes I mean the colours are the same, but the tone the hue the feel is totally OFF! It feels like it's just some cheap piece from I bought from the local Pasar Malam ( Night Market) and it cost me 20 over bucks okay. It's not dirt cheap.

So what to do? Just have to accept it. I'm not those kind of people who will ask for refunds unless the goods are totally not what I've ordered. Anyway I doubt the online retailer would refund or let me exchange. So what if I exchanged, the rest of the good may not be true to the pictures too.

Whereas, the 2nd kind of clothes retailer uses their local models and own photographer. This kind of pictures that you see on their sites are definitely much more true to the goods. Very successful examples would be Bonitochico and Lylarose as I bought from them before and the goods are definitely true to the picture.

Online shopping does have its kick. but when the goods arrive sometimes you just have to embrace yourself for the moment of truth. This is where shopping physically in a real retail shop beats online shopping.

Yeap so that's what I want to share, and oh if anyone is interested in the above piece of tee-shirt do email me or leave a comment! Brand new! =X

*Update: I'm willing to let go at $5 only. Lol. Price still negotiable! If not I will treat it as back up pyjamas!

Update on the Reebonz 99% off Sales

Reebonz posted apologies on Facebook today in regards to the "failed" 99% sales.

They are going to randomly give away the items in the sales to members who have RSVPed for the event.
Dear Fairy God Mother, please grant my wish to be one of the lucky ones who will get a bag? I'll be a good child. =D