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Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam Review

I just washed my face with the milky mousse foam. A hint of rose mist fragrance, just like what it stated behind the back of the facial foam in English. It also states that it contains ingredient: Collagen GL. It is described as a "High density moisture cleansing foam that protects skin while it cleanses. Formulated with moisturising ingredient and collagen."

It's cream like facial foam, so according to the instructions I'm supposed to squeeze out 1cm amount of the facial foam and lather up with water, and just clean your face.  Just like any other normal facial foam must lather up~

So it's really milky, not really like other kind of mousse facial foam I used before. After washing, I don't feel any tightness. Face feels clean. But it was not moisturising enough. I purposely did not use my toner and moisturiser and waited to see what feeling my skin will get. I don't know is it because my cheeks are naturally quite dry, my skin did actually feel dry after a short while. But since I bought it I will continue to use it.

So out of 5 stars, I will give it a 3. Not exactly fantastic but it does its job as a cleansing foam. =)