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Hair Cut! & Tips for Pear Shaped Face

I had my locks snipped away again recently... I cut my hair short before going to Melbourne last year in February and I did it again. 


Reasons for cutting my hair:
  1.  Humid and hot weather in Singapore.
  2.  Losing hair due to ??? ( lack of nutrients?)
  3. Cumbersome to tie up my hair at work ( which leads to point 4)
  4. Insufficient time to blowdry my hair until completely dry therefore causing me to tie my hair even when it is damp.
  5. Wanted to have a fresh look.

To digress, my favourite past time is to Google  whatever stuff that I want to know. Internet and search engines are one of the most useful inventions ever! So before deciding on the type of hair cut I want to cut, I had to find out what face shape I was in order to determine what kind of haircut would suit my face.

And so I found a few helpful internet pages..... For example:


But I was still confused with all the rules defining what face shape I was. And anyway I did loads of Googling and found out I'm the triangle face shape or also known as the pear face shape. Diamond face shape is the inverted triangle whereby the cheekbone and/or forehead is wide and the jawline is small, which is the exact opposite of the pear shape face which has a wide jawline and narrow forehead/cheekbone. Obviously, a Diamond Shape face would be prettier than a Pear Shape face right?! And so, I'm am quite sad when I found out my face shape, which was a myth to me after so many years of living. T_T """

So I further research (Google~) on what hairstyles should pear shaped face people cut. From all the websites I read and gathered information, pear shaped faces are most suited to cut layer hairstyles, with volume at the top, as stated by this webpage -
The objective of a great pear-shaped face hair cut is to create width at the temples and forehead and an illusion of sleekness along the jaw line and cheeks - essentially, a look of symmetry on the top and bottom is what you're after. The right cut will also suggest the illusion of an oval face shape. "

Not many celebrities that I know of have pear shape faces and the prettiest one that I managed to find was Eva Mendes. (check out this website: ) 

But I'm not Caucasian and I don't have those sharp and prominent feature nor attractive big eyes. Luckily I'm not living in Korea nor am I rich nor vain enough to be considering Korean plastic surgery to shave away my wide and prominent jaw! 

I'm getting a bit extreme here ain't I. 

Anyways to be Happy is to be Content. So I have to be content with what I am given and I just have to figure a way out to enhance my features even if with less than perfect ones. :) 

So I researched further to find out the various aspects of enhancing a pear shaped face. My personal summary of what I understand from all the information I've read.

Tips for Pear Shaped Face/Triangle Face

  • Make up should be focused on enhancing eyes distracting the attention away from the jawline. Preferably not to wear strong coloured lipsticks which will only bring focus to the jaws.
  • Contouring around the jawline will be a very good technique to minimize the wide jaw look.
  • Layered haircut giving fullness at the top of the head would give a balanced and more symmetrical look to the face. Remember the aim is always to create a wide forehead to balance out the wide jawline. 
  • Try to avoid haircut that ends longer than the neckline which accentuates the wide jawline. 
  • The same logic goes for choosing the suitable sunglasses for Pear Shaped Faces. Go for Top heavy, bottom light designs, such as Aviators which are wider at the top but narrower at the bottom.
  • Avoid wearing high necklines that would emphasize your jawline, including wearing chocker necklaces.

    Some useful sites on pear shaped faces:

    As much as I would love to have a oval shape face which is deemed the perfect face shape, I shall have to embrace what I have and try to make the best out of it!

    As quoted: 
    “When fate hands us a lemon, let's try to make lemonade.”
    ― Andrew Carnegie

    Till next post! 



Short Update!

So.. it has been 3 months since the last blog post in dearfairygodmother land... What have I been doing?
Life is pretty much back to normal in this Tiny Sunny Island (Singapore) since I returned from the land of Kangaroos and Koalas (Australia) ^_^. How time flies it has been half a year already! I've been back to work in the same company that I have been working in since end of 2007. From celebrating my 21st year old in the company until now... you all can roughly guess how YOUNG I am now :/

It was just like a dream, going abroad to study for 9 months and coming back becoming a degree holder. In my line of work, owning a piece of paper or not (certificate) determines the salary, affects the entitlement of various benefits such as days of annual leave, shift allowances. So naturally diploma holders would want to upgrade themselves to get a degree in the end. I believe this goes the same for many other fields of work. But what was frustrating was that there wasn't really a good (and fast) degree programme for Laboratory Medicine (which was what I studied in polytechnic). Luckily a colleague recommended (ex-colleague now) a programme in which his girlfriend (now his wife) in Australia studied. The Laboratory Medicine programme in RMIT, located in Melbourne. 

So long story short, I'm very happy with my results and I am looking forward to my graduation ceremony in Singapore in September! There is a tiny hint of regret that I was not able to stay and participate in the major graduation ceremony last year 2011 in Melbourne, as I wanted to come back and work asap to earn money to repay my debts and I couldn't afford to fly my family over to participate in the ceremony. Oh well look at the video below! 

As I grow older, this blog also grows with me. The title "DearFairyGodMother" implies that I started this blog to pen down my worldly desires. From being a Japanese "Gyaru" style fan in name (not necessary in style), a Michelle Phan fan, a spendthrift, a makeup junkie, after coming back from Melbourne to Singapore, some incidents led me to grow up and change my mind of what I really want in life. Mainly, health and financial issues. Last time my daily essential reads were makeup related blogs like "Rouge Deluxe" and some others . Now I only these sites once in a blue moon because there was no point reading them when I do not have the ability to buy those stuff. I'm more into motivational and health sites and there is one particular Singaporean blogger I recommend to read which is Fay Hokulani 's site. I am also now trying to build up my financial intelligence which is zero by reading books and websites. 

I think there is a big change in me, from being ignorant dreamy girl who now wants to be a person who has specific goals and dreams which I believe that can be achieved. I hope the contents that I update here from now onwards would be more useful to people who stumble onto my humble site. :)

So here marks the end of my short update in DearFairyGodmother...
I'll be back!


P.S. Watched The Avengers with him yesterday and I liked it! Although I didn't watch Thor or Captain America before that... :) Shall catch them up when I have time! 


Happy Birthday to Atashi

KTV session & Lovely Birthday Cake from
 Colleagues Yiting, Melva, Sin Yee & Zell 15.02.12

Created by SO during movie time :)

Top Left: Birthday dress. 
Top right: Taste paradise at Ion with Mummy.
                                         Bottom Left: Underworld movie with Mummy and him.
 Bottom Right: Chocolate cake from cousin Michelle. ^^

Harumi is a blessed girl, to be surrounded by lovely family, friends and colleagues. Although she wished that her significant other could have spent more time with her. she (tries to) understands that he needs to study and sleep because of upcoming mock exams.

Happy Birthday Girl! I wish for you to grow up to be a more humble, mature, caring and understanding lady who will not stop learning in this life journey! Love yourself and love others. <3 <3 <3