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The Face Shop Diamond Shine Lip Gloss OR202

The Face Shop Diamond Shine Lip Gloss OR202

What is your the one thing that you can't resist buying in cosmetics? For me, it's lip colours, especially lipgloss.
My dear secondary school friend Grace went to Korea last year end and bought me a this TFS's lipgloss in OR202. But I only got it from her like this month (Yes we've not meet up for 1/2 yr). It's a coral (orange based) gloss that contains fine gold shimmer. Looks quite pigmented in the picture, but is actually quite sheer when applied on lips. Not very sheer until you can't see that it's coral coloured though.

 Comes in a bent spongey tip wand for easy application.

Swatch of the colour on my hand under natural sunlight.

Before application:
 My bare lips under natural sunlight (Late afternoon)

After application:

Above 2 pictures taken with natural sunlight.

The rest of the pictures below taken with room fluorescent light at night.:

With flash:

*pardon my facial hair. needs to go wax upper lip soon! =S
But this photo can capture the tiny specks of gold shimmer on the lips!

Sorry for the lack of quality in the photos. Was only using a 5 megapixels camera...
Anyways the lipgloss is lightly scented. Can't quite make out the scent, but it's not unpleasant. But not something I really like. But it's bearable. It is not too sticky nor too watery =)
It is still selling at TFS outlets in Singapore as I have seen this in their store recently.
I think their GSS is still on, customers just need to purchase at least $10.00 to enjoy 20% off!