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最近、欲しい物は何?(Saikin, Hoshiimono wa nani?) What do you want recently?

My list :

Gucci Guilty EDT

Newly launched, tested it at Sephora Ion and am in love with it. Though the reviews for it online are so-so, there are still people who likes it like me. Some say that it's not worth the money as you can get other brands of similar fragrance at a lower price. But the packaging is so classy!

And these pairs of lovely boots from .

I want the milky white or denim coloured one! I think the milky white would be good! =X

And the boots that are above knee caps! Can hide my fat ugly legs!!! These can be folded down too, Pretty!!!

Which colour should I choose? T_T

No I am not supposed to be spending anymore. These shall stay on my wishlist. =(


My 1st Complete Month of Poupee Girl Dress-Up! - Sep 2010

海鲜食霸 Seafood Park 煮炒 (Tze Char)

Saw an episode of  <煮炒来咯> or Check out the Video here: Tampines Assam fishhead 淡滨尼亚叁鱼头) last month and they were introducing Tze Char in Tampines area, one of which was opposite my old school Temasek Polytechnic.

 If you don't know what "Tze Char" is, as defined from  :
"An all-rounder Chinese food stall serving a wide variety of a la carte dishes usually with white steamed rice and soups. A zhi char stall usually has the highest sales turnover of the eating outlet that it occupies and thus forms the anchor tenant and main draw of the eating place, typically a coffeeshop. Also spelled 'zhi cha', 'zi char', 'zi cha', 'cze char', 'tze char'; in Mandarin, 煮炒 (pinyin: zhu2 chao3) which literally means 'cook & fry', in reference to the de rigueur use of frying (almost always with woks) in preparing most dishes."

My sister's 21st birthday was just over, but we didn't had a proper celebration, thus I brought the family out for dinner to this Tze char 海鲜食霸 (Seafood Park) to try out the dishes as introduced in the TV show.

麦片排骨 (Cereal Pork ribs) - SGD 10
It was love at 1st mouth for this dish. Crispy cereal on the outside and juicy pork rib meat on the inside. Yums! I forgot to do a close up on the salad cream(on the left side of the above photo). As introduced in the show, they made the salad cream themselves and it is made up of mayonnaise, lime juice and orange juice. It was appetizing, and reduced the oiliness of the pork ribs, a perfect combination with the dish!

相思芥兰 (Deep Fried Kailan Leaves with Pork Floss) - SGD 8
This was one of the special creative dish introduced on the show that attracted me to try the stall. The chef cuts the leaves Kailan into very fine floss like size and deep fry them. It is seasoned with salt and pepper. Topped with pork floss, it tasted great! Even my little 12 year old cousin dared to eat this (as with many kids that hates veggies) and found it nice. BUT, under the nice fluffy veggie leaves, are the stems and some remaining uncut pieces of Kailan leaves, prepared with garlic and other seasoning as stated in the show. The stems are a bit hard and tasted slightly bitter. We didn't eat finish the remaining stems as none of us like it >.<

咸蛋虾(Salted Egg Fried Prawns) SGD 16
  This dish was not introduced in the show, but my younger sis loves prawns so prawns was a must-order dish. The staff recommended us to order this and so we did. My mum loves this dish. It was not bad, but I didn't find anything special, maybe because I'm not a prawn lover and I don't really like eating prawns with shells on.

亚叁鱼(Assam Fish) SGD 26
Here is the Main Character of the day! In the show they introduced the fish head, but my mum ordered the whole fish instead. Because we little ones don't know how to eat fish head (my mum says very little meat all bones only). The Assam curry was good!!! Sour and sweet and spicy! My mum loves this dish too. Appetizing. Thumbs up for this.

I asked my mum to rate the the overall food and she gave a rating of 4/5 stars! I would recommend friends to go eat too! So in total I spent $62.80 for the meal. 4 bowls of rice would cost $0.50 each and $0.80 for 4 wet towels.

Address of 海鲜食霸
Tampines Blk 823 (Opposite Temasek Polytechnic)
Facing Prime Market 百美百货对面 (The coffeeshop beside KFC)
Contact No: 62600548
Opening Hours: 11am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-11pm


Presents ♥

Bought this blue Cher Bag from Ri-chan! She gave me the small Cher bag free =D Brand new.
This Cher bag was released before I started going "gaga" over Japanese magazines. My friend has it and is still using it now, and I think the colour is really sweet. Thus when I saw Ri-chan was selling it on her blog I felt tempted to buy it! I have another small Cher bag but the colour isn't as nice.

This the one. =P

And my friend Li Jun went to Thailand for holiday and bought this kawaii cotton balls like hairband! Have been wanting to buy this, saw it at Daiso but I didn't. Just nice my friend bought this!!! ♥ Everytime I wear this at work, my colleagues would say they look like candyballs =D

And another friend who went Taiwan bought this for me! So sweet la, it's Integrate's new eyeshadow palette in BR606! It's NT390!

 Enlarged photo to see the colours more texture more clearly. Didn't bear to swatch them yet. But they contain fine glitter as you can see. The bottom left colour is supposed to give that reflecting shine which you apply after you apply the other eyeshadows in the palette.
& not forgetting another present from YiTing, also bought in Taiwan. It's like a scarf with wire in it, can wear it on the head to make it look like rabbit ears! Read my previous post  But I never had the courage to wear it out in Singapore. =P

Thanks for reading!!! - Harumipq ♥


Lovely Presents from Baby

Pink Button design Audio-Technica headphones  

Foldable n "turnable"


Blue Tube dress from Osmose. His 1st credit card purchase =P
I know I seriously need to start exercising soon.

Airplane Beauty Tips - RiceBunny

The latest video by Michelle Phan is on Airplane Beauty Tips!  And I so badly want that IQQU Essential Travel Set ! The Mini Red Kabuki Brush is so innovative! It can be opened up to become a wider brush for the face! Ah.......  According to the website it's S$ 43.68 . Without shipping fees yet of course.


Love Poem of Disney Princesses

Recently I had this feeling of wanting to watch The Little Mermaid Disney movie again. And so I did on Youtube. And I saw this poem online somewhere, couldn't find out who written it. But I feel like sharing with everyone here :

"Cinderella walked on broken glass.

Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass.

Belle fell in love with a hideous beast.

Jasmine married a common thief.

Ariel walked on land for love and life.

Snow White barely escaped a knife.

It was all about blood, sweat, and tears.

Because love means facing your biggest fears."

Isn't this a truly sweet poem! I seriously want to rewatch all the Disney princess movies again. I love all the old Disney cartoons. And I don't really appreciate the new cartoons nowadays ( eg. Toy Story, Shrek, Lilo and Stitch)  I guess maybe it's just my problem, because I have grown up? I also love "The Land Before Time" (the dinosaur cartoon which has got the super nice Diana Ross's song "If We Hold on Together") and "An American Tail" .

Revisiting the song from the "An American Tail" - Somewhere out There :

I was really young when I watched this, time really flies. I would want to share all this wonderful cartoons with my kids next time. <3

P.S. My blog title is not spelt wrongly. If you go back to my very 1st post of this blog, you'll know why I spell it this way. =)



Happy Birthday Mum & Lucky Day for me!

02 Sept was my Mummy's Birthday, my sis and I bought this super yummy Mango mixed fruit cake (my sis fav =X) at Tampines Interchange Q-Bread. 1/2 kg for 25 SGD. Cheap and delicious! The cake sponge inside was soft and nice.

Make-a-wish time! Oops now you all know her secret.

Today was my lucky lucky day, one of which was finding the Ring. This pinky ring with blings from Taiwan! I thought I lost it for good but happened to find it in my cupboard! Because of losing this ring I bought another gold pinky ring, now I got 2 pinky rings! Oh well, one for each hand!

And this, is my Mummy's present that me and my sis shared, Vichy Total Pore Resurfacing Essence (Right). The rest are free samples for being a member! Okay there's a story behind this. One of the lucky things that happened but it wasn't lucky at 1st.

I was comparing the price between Watsons & Guardian for this product. Original retail price is 49 S
GD, Guardian was having 20% off for all Vichy products, whereas I saw a signage at Watsons Vichy shelf writing that Total Pore Resurfacing Essence was selling at 38 SGD! Now with 20% off,  buying at Guardian would still cost me $39.20. Obviously I would bought it at Watsons! And so I did. I bought it along with a pack of facial wipes for $1.95, and the Blur Queen in me did not think of anything when I paid $50+ dollars with my NETS card.

Only when I was about to step out of Watsons I randomly checked my reciept and saw in horror why was I being charged at $49.00 for the product instead of the offer price $38.  I went back to the shelf to check the signage, and then did I discover that the offer was from XX Aug to 01 Sept (Written in much smaller fonts below) And today was 02 Sept! At first, I wanted to walk away silently, as this was not the 1st time I encounter such a thing, that the selling place forget to remove the promotion signage even though the promotion had ended.

But I decided to "feedback"  in case other consumers get "cheated" by the signage for the day. I approached one of the Watsons's staff and she got the OLAY promoter to find the Vichy promoter back in store. She was on the phone outside Watsons during my buy. She apologised to me and offered to void the item and refund or just sell it to me at $38. So I followed her to the cashier and queued up for my refund of $11.

 I was very happy at that point already as the problem was resolved, but she still asked me to go back to the counter with her and said she would sign me up as a Vichy member. She said spending $20 would be eligible to be a Vichy Member and she gave me a welcome gift. Which are the samples shown above. A nice additonal gift for my Mum! And the promoter's name was Nor. Thank you Nor! I didn't expect her to go the extra mile, because others didn't in the past did that to me =|
And on a small small note, I did gain extra 2 Wastsons point because of this error =X

Hope it works and would help to minimise my Mum's pores!

And my sis and I bought this 11oz Passionfruit Yoghurt for $9.40  from Frolick at Tampines 1 basement.
We chose Oreo and Granola for our 2 free toppings. It was <3 ! Yums!!! Thumbs up.

Other more personal lucky stuff happened to me today too but shall not say here.. in short maybe my Mum's birthday brought me luck!

私 ♥ はは



Went for pedicure session at Nail Palace after work today with YiTing. Well I'm on a budget recently and I am not going to spend money on such things. I was just using up my package sessions which I signed previously. It felt good to pamper myself once in a while. Now my feet is smooth again with the dead cells gone. And I really really <3 my toenail colour.

Under white florescent lightning....
Without flash.

With flash,

The nail colour is Snowcone from the brand Orly. Actually other than the most famous OPI nail polish there are many other brands that nail places use. I really heart this colour! It is a sweet blue with a slight purplish undertone. I am tempted to buy a bottle of this home! And I Googled it and found a very cool and interesting blog entry on the Orly Snowcone (Link - ) . This colour is really opaque the nail pedicurist only applied one layer of colour for me!

Happy toes day =D


夏祭り (Natsu Matsuri) - Summer Festival 2010

Ri-chan invited me to go this year's 夏祭り with her last Saturday 22nd Aug at Japanese Primary School [=^.^=]  She even lent me her 浴衣(Yukata) to wear! It was my 2nd time going there, the 1st time was in secondary school days when I was still learning Japanese at MOE's 3rd language centre.

So of course I had to doll up a bit ^.^ \
(But this is acutally the end of day pic, so it's kind of not so fresh makeup you know what i mean =X)
Eye makeup includes:
★ 1-Day Acuvue Define in Brown
★Bobbi Brown Corrector & Concealor
★ Dolly Wink in No.002 Sweet Girly
★Majolica Majorca Brown eyeshadow palette
★Coffret D'or Liquid eyeliner BK-28
★Sephora Eyebrown mascara

Ri-chan & her friend Pearly-chan!

The place where we hand over our tickets and get into the event!

Ri-chan and her long awaited An-pan man mask!

Atashi (me) in Ri-chan's Yukata! <3

The various stalls for the event.

Ri-chan is wearing her Jinbei, and I love her scrunchy!

Another group of Ri-chan's tomodachi (friends).

Her friend's sweets.... yums!

This is the stage where all the performances/dances are held.

Very cute Japanese kids!!!

The little boy is enjoying his last bits of candy floss!

We have the same initials in our real names... PQ ~ ;)

And my eyes are really small... Doushite! Why! I really need to learn the big eyes make up technique. =(

The queue for Asahi Beer and drinks. Isn't it cute that they have people holding signs to tell you where is the end of the queue?

Cute and Enthusiatic Jap Guy(uncle?) posing for my Cam! Lol.

I wanted badly to try the fortune telling but it was a freaking $15.00 so I gave up the idea. =(

My drink! Gassyyyyy....... burps.

Calpico! Tastes like Yakult! And I realised it's available in Tampines One 's Japanese Market but it is not very cheap.

This SuperCup Choco Cookie Meiji ice-cream is only for $2 and tastes oiishi! Yummys! Can taste cookie bits in it. N is a large cup serving.

Going home already, Ri-chan helped me take a photo of my back.

Tada... I had an enjoyable time! I hope to buy my own Jap costumes next time! Thank you Ri-chan!

And Ri-chan gave me this . Wasabi Kit-Kat. Was too delicious I gobbled it up before I remembered to take a picture of it! Lol. It's light green kit-kat inside.