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Feb 15: Haircut at Komachi The Hair Cult by Tsuji san - 65 bucks??? can't rmber. PLus 20 bucks wax.
Feb 29th?: Soft perm by Tsuji san. Wavy effect. Don't like it in the end. =(
Damage done: 170 bucks??
Spend 70 bucks~ buying pongpong fen and pong pong shui. Received the loots today.
June 8: Bob style hair cut at Heatwave by Creative stylist James Wong. $35 bucks.

Kanebo Coffret D'or Glow series rouge - $46
Kanebo Coffret D'or purple eye palette - $54
Kanebo Coffret D'or Eyeliner in black - $23 bucks???
Baby forked out like ~50 bucks...
Helen Rubeinsten (HR) Lash Queen Waterproof Mascara (June) from DFS galleria- $46 bucks???
Eyelash extension at Far East square facial salon: $99 + $40 removal !
IPL Facial with them not done yet : $88 bucks.

Skincare: Facemasks (Wo de me ren ri ji) from WH's gf: 41 bucks~
Cristelle21??? face duno wat.... one bottle = 50 plus bucks???
And today Removal oil from The Hair secret facial.. $45 bucks (10%) discount.
Supposed to remove black heads worz. I guess is sebecaous oil...
The hair secret facial package - Spent $194 for 5 sessions<$388 for 10 sessions>

Clothes: Bought nearly 200-300 worth of working clothes for Sis. End up never wear all the black tops!!!
Bought also maybe 300~ worth of new year clothes and shoes...
And last week spend 70 bucks buying a new dress and a Giordano striped hooded top which I wore today.

Presents: Spent duno how much on Birthdays and gifts le... including...
Sims game $47~ + $30 bucks comp fix fee. ( for Mummy )
Baby's emporio armani Sunglass - ~$275 ( Baby forked out 50 bucks)

I am stunned by the above words and numbers already....