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The Face Shop Diamond Shine Lip Gloss OR202

The Face Shop Diamond Shine Lip Gloss OR202

What is your the one thing that you can't resist buying in cosmetics? For me, it's lip colours, especially lipgloss.
My dear secondary school friend Grace went to Korea last year end and bought me a this TFS's lipgloss in OR202. But I only got it from her like this month (Yes we've not meet up for 1/2 yr). It's a coral (orange based) gloss that contains fine gold shimmer. Looks quite pigmented in the picture, but is actually quite sheer when applied on lips. Not very sheer until you can't see that it's coral coloured though.

 Comes in a bent spongey tip wand for easy application.

Swatch of the colour on my hand under natural sunlight.

Before application:
 My bare lips under natural sunlight (Late afternoon)

After application:

Above 2 pictures taken with natural sunlight.

The rest of the pictures below taken with room fluorescent light at night.:

With flash:

*pardon my facial hair. needs to go wax upper lip soon! =S
But this photo can capture the tiny specks of gold shimmer on the lips!

Sorry for the lack of quality in the photos. Was only using a 5 megapixels camera...
Anyways the lipgloss is lightly scented. Can't quite make out the scent, but it's not unpleasant. But not something I really like. But it's bearable. It is not too sticky nor too watery =)
It is still selling at TFS outlets in Singapore as I have seen this in their store recently.
I think their GSS is still on, customers just need to purchase at least $10.00 to enjoy 20% off!




Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam Review

I just washed my face with the milky mousse foam. A hint of rose mist fragrance, just like what it stated behind the back of the facial foam in English. It also states that it contains ingredient: Collagen GL. It is described as a "High density moisture cleansing foam that protects skin while it cleanses. Formulated with moisturising ingredient and collagen."

It's cream like facial foam, so according to the instructions I'm supposed to squeeze out 1cm amount of the facial foam and lather up with water, and just clean your face.  Just like any other normal facial foam must lather up~

So it's really milky, not really like other kind of mousse facial foam I used before. After washing, I don't feel any tightness. Face feels clean. But it was not moisturising enough. I purposely did not use my toner and moisturiser and waited to see what feeling my skin will get. I don't know is it because my cheeks are naturally quite dry, my skin did actually feel dry after a short while. But since I bought it I will continue to use it.

So out of 5 stars, I will give it a 3. Not exactly fantastic but it does its job as a cleansing foam. =)



Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam, $15.90
Aqualabel White Up Emulsion S/R, $29.90
S-Supple: For normal to oily/combincation skin
R-Rich: For normal to dry/dehydrated skin
*Mine's S ^.^
Aqualabel, a Japanese skincare line under Shiseldo is going to be officially launched in Singapore at Watsons on July 1st. They had a soft launch at the Tampines Mall Atrium last week. With every $30 purchased you'll be entitled to a free facial, and if you log in facebook and click like on their page they would give you one more facial voucher! 
Aqualabel has been available in Japan and Taiwan for quite some time and finally it's hitting the market in Singapore now, and it has been featured in 女人我最大 before. In that episode the skincare teacher was promoting the red colour range for dry and sensitive skin.

My colleagues and I happened to hit TM last friday after work and was introduced to these products by one of their staff. As both my facial wash and moisturiser (Neutrogena Hydro boost mousse cleanser and water gel) was going to be finished, I decided to try out this line.
The blue coloured bottles are the Whitening range whereas the red coloured bottles are the Moisturing range.
The most special product they have is the Aqualabel Enhancer (both ranges also have their own enhancer).
It's a very interesting concept, the idea is to seal in all the nutrients/moisture that we have applied on our faces. It says in it's description as a "powerful 'infusion' skincare step that ensures all ingredients from previous skincare products are effectively and maximally absorbed" and "supercharges essential ingredients into deep layers of your skin with high concentrations of Aqua Syngery" .

But as I thought that I should just get what I need first thus I didn't get their star product. Seems that their masks are quite good too? The promoter introduced me to get the red range for facial as I have dry to combi skin, but for emulsion she said I can just get the Blue range (I'm always interested in whitening).

Have not opened up to try their products yet, will do a review when I've done so! =D


Asus Laptops more reliable!

One of the main reason why I bought Asus brand laptop over other brands is because I saw this in the Asus brochure I got from SimLim Square.

The original paper can be viewed here:

If you are too lazy to read in full,

Print screened from here :

And of course with comparison of other brands at the recent June IT fair at Suntec, for the same price, only Acer matched the specifications that Asus had offered. Being a IT idiot, of course I brought my SO to help me analyse. But Asus have 2 years international warranty whereas Acer only have 1. And Acer ranks 3rd last reliable in the survey. Thus I bought my 1st Asus laptop!!! =D (In advance spending my bonus $$$ ahem~)

My A42JC baby. That cost me 1398SGD....

Back to work tml! =/


More on my Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup

More pictures of the Bobbi Brown eye makeup done by the Makeup Artist Lois at Takashimaya Ngee Ann City :

Would love to replicate this look when I have time.
She used a blue shimmery metallic cream eyeshadow as a base and add on definition with grey, silver black and dark brown powdered eyeshadows. She used gel eyeliner on top, and below the outer 1/3 corner of eyes. Later she lined my waterline with black pencil eyeliner, and lined the outer 1/3 eye with black eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner. (if i'm not wrong..) She used silver eyeshadow to line the inner lower and upper corner of my eyes.
For my eyelashes other than mascara I brought my own DollyWink no.1 eyelash (precut to my eyelength) and glue for her to fix it on. (Bobbi Brown does not have fake eyelashes, as the brand itself is a more "natural & mature style" if you understand what I mean.)

Yep so that's all. You get makeup lessons and a free makeover if you spend $150 in a single reciept for Bobbi Brown products. I've got their corrector, concealor and eye cream that time =D

DollyWink Haul

Okay so for a while I was searching for Dollywink products after I realised they were no longer sold in Ngee Ann City Watsons since Jan this year. And Haru-san from Rougedeluxe mentioned in her blog that it would be available from 10 Jun to 16 Jun!!
So not wanting to miss out the chance of getting them again I specially took off day to get them the 1st thing in the morning at Watsons NAC on 10 Jun!!!
When I reached there, around 1030am, the ppl from Koji were in the midst of setting up the booth at the entrance. So many fake eyelashes, the full range was available =D There were 1 or 2 girls even earlier than me choosing the lashes.
So I took a basket like them and start piling the goodies in the basket for me and my friend. I'm a happy girl!!! But the damage done was horrid, haha... spent 193 over dollars in that reciept! All for Dollywink products!( But $66 ++ belonged to my friend's la.. =P)

So here's what I've bought :

So it's the eyelash glue on top($16.90) and the pink plastic casing($9.90) for keeping your lashes. The lashes on top are the upper lashes no. 1 and 2 together with the bottom lashes 5 and 6 below. One box ($24.90) contains 2 pairs of lashes and a glue.

So far I've only tried upper lash no.1 for my friend's wedding dinner together with the eyelash glue fixer that I've bought. My eye makeup was done by Bobbi Brown.

I can say that the eyelash fixer is quite strong as my lashes stayed on well and was qutie easy to remove too! Actually my good friend said that Heroine's Kiss me eyelashe fixer is better dries faster. Previously I was contemplating whether to buy DollyWink's or Kiss me's eyelash fixer/glue but due to the fact that I may not be able to get DollyWink's product as readily as Kiss me I bought the fomer. But I noticed that Dolly's contains Latex and is the top ingredient whereas Kiss me does not contain any Latex at all. So if you are sensitive to latex maybe you should not get Dollywink's eyelash glue.

And now that I've got my hands on the Dolly Wink's products, I am trying hard to resist buying Kiss me's no.1 mascara and eyelash fixer!!!! Talk about being thrifty.

Shall end this post with my look for my friend's wedding dinner! =P

Photos taken with Canon 550D (bought on Jun 10 present for him).
This post was posted with my new ASUS lappy bought on Jun10 too =D


After 2 years.

Yes after 2 years I am inspired to blog again. I didn't disappear from the internet world of course, but have instead been actively reading up (useful n useless) stuff on the net. I would say over this time I've gained more knowledge especially in the area of beauty(ahem)- make up.
In anyways, here are my prized splurges for May.

This カゴバッグ (Kago Bag) bought at isetan scotts with HuiYu!

And I couldn't resist buying the last copy of June PopTeen magazine at Kino! =( , =D.
Inside there's a sticker page of Kumicky and hellokitty in gyaru style! Kawaii!♥
I'm so into skincare with hyaluronic acid now, previously bought eucerin's night cream that contains it, and now this aquajuju moist toner! I really wan to plump up my dry skin n fine lines...

Okay shall end this short update here. =)