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Been wanting to post this.... my good friend Amilia gave me a pair of black boots bought from Australia. This is my second pair of boots (not including those wore when I was a child) I ever owned! The 1st pair of boots was a similar pair in brown bought in HongKong, but it was tad a bit too small and hurt a lot when I walked.
So this time round the boots are one size bigger than my actual feet size.

Love them!

My Outfit of the Day.

But I have not worn the boots out yet, will wear when I have the chance!!! And Amilia's boyfriend ZX wanted to surprise her by buying the Velcro hair pads that I posted previously for her and her friends. So I helped him to send out the items along with my presents for my dear friend.

Moisurising masks, TFS fake eyelash, Kate's Pink Blush and Overall from The Japanese Fashion Street.

Continue to Ganbatte Kudasai for ur studies ne Amilia-chan!


P.S. Just attended Natsu Matsuri (Japan Summer Festival) on 22nd Aug with Ri-chan. Will update soon!