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Went for pedicure session at Nail Palace after work today with YiTing. Well I'm on a budget recently and I am not going to spend money on such things. I was just using up my package sessions which I signed previously. It felt good to pamper myself once in a while. Now my feet is smooth again with the dead cells gone. And I really really <3 my toenail colour.

Under white florescent lightning....
Without flash.

With flash,

The nail colour is Snowcone from the brand Orly. Actually other than the most famous OPI nail polish there are many other brands that nail places use. I really heart this colour! It is a sweet blue with a slight purplish undertone. I am tempted to buy a bottle of this home! And I Googled it and found a very cool and interesting blog entry on the Orly Snowcone (Link - ) . This colour is really opaque the nail pedicurist only applied one layer of colour for me!

Happy toes day =D