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Bling bling Dec

This is only the starting of Dec. But I have things to write on my spendings again. =X

We went to Arab street to buy crystals (bought 3 packs for abt 44.50, 360 pcs in each pack) and bought epoxy glue 2 days later.

But it was the other Half who helped me to "Zhng" my camera, with reference from the japanese crystallised hps magazine I picked up @ a bargain of $4 at MPH warehouse sales in Nov. Later on he tried zhnging the Zen stone......

The effect turned out the way I like it to be(for the camera)..... Loves.......

November Rain.

Nov wasn't a v good month for saving money.

Squandered almost all my savings for the month, for sch fees!

Bought diamond earrings in the shape of rose studs, out of impulse.

Small shiny stones cost a bomb. Bleh. Even though the other half sponsored HalF.

Bought 3 pieces of top and dress online. Added up to 81.00.

Got a good bargain for a pair of checkered ballet pumps for $17 @ Charles and Keith Ware house sales. =D After that took bus to Geylang with 2 buddy colleagues to eat MongKok Dim Sum. yum yum. $12 each.

what else..... almost wanted to buy anna sui's blue lipgloss but no stock. jus as well. it's freaking 33 bucks retail price. oh and ended up paying more for a present for a friend... but it' ok as long as she likes it... =D

Ate a lot of good japanese food this month with the other Half . lol. so the wallet suffers.

Every post is a mind shocking heart aching reflection of my spending habits. >.<


Almost Done.

Wishes . . .
1. Go Ngee Ann City's Watsons see the MM pdts!!! den wat else ~~
2. Buy new phone for room....
3. Pinky ring!
4. Eyebrow shaping ... with EasyPerfect Esther?
5. Haircut

From previous post.

I've done number 1-4.
1. See MM pdts . see only.
2. Buy 6.90 cheapo phone at Carrefour. =D
3. Buy 9.00 silver pinky ring from the same jewellary shop (lost the previous same one)
4. Eyebrow shaping package bought from Easy Perfect Esther @ China Square.

For 5. Haircut.... I'm contemplating to go back Komachi the Hair Cult or not.... Love to but the price is holding me back.... =( . Want to grow long hair but current hair is really shapeless and a bit unkempt? . So irritating ~


Hair (remove pls)

Silk-épil Xpressive

Original retail price : 129.90

Looks like the best thing to replace shaving creams?

No $ for IPL. So I shall start wishing for this.


Fa Chai la!

1. Crest White Premium - $55
2. Hans - ~$39
3. 600 Volt Power Supply Unit - top up $18 (to make this entry possible)
4. Hip Diners?? (Billy Bomber) - $ 50
5. 2 pairs of slippers - $ 38.80

Wishes . . .
1. Go Ngee Ann City's Watsons see the MM pdts!!! den wat else ~~
2. Buy new phone for room....
3. Pinky ring!
4. Eyebrow shaping ... with EasyPerfect Esther?
5. Haircut




Updated at the other blog .. I lost $50 becoz I had a hole in my back pocket of my jeans (Sobssss).

Another sad thing is 2 crystals have dropped out in 2 days for my new PH wallet.... argh.....

Anyway... I'm lemming for a white/gold nike bag I saw at Shaw Isetan this weekend ... (excuse for B to buy for my new start at sch =P ) but it's a quite ex imo... ($60).

And after my stint of buying the whitening pills, I ordered Crestwhitestrips at
Hope they will reply soon....

And recently I just got to know that Shiseido's MM will be out in sg's major watsons outlet soon!! Can't wait to see them!


New Wallet!

Thanks B for the Paris Hilton wallet*. =D

*Nov 4 Req.

Damage Done for Hari Raya :

1. Creative Speakers for Sis - 19.90
2. Sony White Ear piece for Sis - 19.00
3. 2 Triumph Lingerie ( Black / Nude) - ~130

Updates for Sept:

2 Sato Hakubi C2 supplements - 48.00


Every post is a wish list.

1. Sato Hakubi C2
2. Fancl Calorie Limit
3. Fancl Perfect Slim Alpha
4. Speakers for desktop


Overspent *again..

Eeeks... but let's just blog down what damage done again.

8 July
Sunblock Neutrogena 20.50
Silkygirl PP 11.90
Wet Tx 1.95
ZA concelor 10.90

9 July
MU base purple 28.00
Toner Eversoft 6.90
Loreal eye MU remover 6.50
Yellow cardigan (Cotton On) 15.00
Splitz Tee 12.00

10 July
TFS lipgloss 9.03
TFS eyemaskX2 8.90

*plus 53.50 application fees for studies, and 47 bucks *family + 17 bucks *self (with King) for fine dining @ jap restuarants.



Craves and tots..

Eversince I decided to seriously save up for my degree studies... I really try to save up. Well, still trying. Although I did splurge a bit to treat baby and sis to eat that time we went out.
Taking leave next week, a good time to clear some of my stuff.... like...

1. Buy presents for all the 21st babies in July!
2. Cancel the korean channel for MioTV.
3. Go to the PSB preview for BMS with King.
4. Tidy up my room?!
5. Go facial with ting on Fri @ 5.45pm.
6. Book facial appointment with Fareast Beauty centre!
7. Fix my ibanking thingy...

Although trying hard to save up... I am still tempted to buy...

1. Laneige purple make up base.
2. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ /
Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock SPF 30
3. Mineral MU.
4. Xiaowei lao shi's make up book! and Nu Ren Wo Zui Da magazine...


Back to Spending updates...

Feb 15: Haircut at Komachi The Hair Cult by Tsuji san - 65 bucks??? can't rmber. PLus 20 bucks wax.
Feb 29th?: Soft perm by Tsuji san. Wavy effect. Don't like it in the end. =(
Damage done: 170 bucks??
Spend 70 bucks~ buying pongpong fen and pong pong shui. Received the loots today.
June 8: Bob style hair cut at Heatwave by Creative stylist James Wong. $35 bucks.

Kanebo Coffret D'or Glow series rouge - $46
Kanebo Coffret D'or purple eye palette - $54
Kanebo Coffret D'or Eyeliner in black - $23 bucks???
Baby forked out like ~50 bucks...
Helen Rubeinsten (HR) Lash Queen Waterproof Mascara (June) from DFS galleria- $46 bucks???
Eyelash extension at Far East square facial salon: $99 + $40 removal !
IPL Facial with them not done yet : $88 bucks.

Skincare: Facemasks (Wo de me ren ri ji) from WH's gf: 41 bucks~
Cristelle21??? face duno wat.... one bottle = 50 plus bucks???
And today Removal oil from The Hair secret facial.. $45 bucks (10%) discount.
Supposed to remove black heads worz. I guess is sebecaous oil...
The hair secret facial package - Spent $194 for 5 sessions<$388 for 10 sessions>

Clothes: Bought nearly 200-300 worth of working clothes for Sis. End up never wear all the black tops!!!
Bought also maybe 300~ worth of new year clothes and shoes...
And last week spend 70 bucks buying a new dress and a Giordano striped hooded top which I wore today.

Presents: Spent duno how much on Birthdays and gifts le... including...
Sims game $47~ + $30 bucks comp fix fee. ( for Mummy )
Baby's emporio armani Sunglass - ~$275 ( Baby forked out 50 bucks)

I am stunned by the above words and numbers already....



Silkygirl long wearing eyeliner is good for beginners! Easy to draw. But it gets smudged quite easily. Whereas I tried ZA eyeliner before, it's like wax like material difficult to draw it on (I feel). For ppl with hidden double eyelids like me, I think jus by lining the hidden eyelid dark it will make your eyes look more defined. If you line it out of the eyelid it will only make ur eyes look smaller.

Currently there's a 10% discount at JohnLittle for Silkygirl eyeliner. Watson's have 20% but Silkygirl eyeliner is not included.