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99% (turned) off + 1% (site) damaged

Opened up my email this morning and was excited to see this in my mailbox.
Reebonz is a website that sells branded goods at a lower retail price. And they have this crazy 99% off sales.

But at 4pm sharp I had problems loading the website, which is really expected as I was super sure there would be hundreds or maybe thousands of people like me sitting by the pc waiting to pounce on whatever goods available. I mean who wouldn't? If it's a 1k item, it would only cost 10 bucks. Without the 9.90 SGD
shipping fees. Only after almost an hour I was able to log in n view only the 1st page of the event. And I added one blue kate spade bag to the shopping bag, and upon checking out, it says I have no item. I don't feel like elaborating how many times I refreshed the page and waited for it to load. Seeing the comments on Twitter and Facebook many many people was facing the same problem. My cousin Jellytelly_ri-chan was also very frustrated.


So about 2 hours later the Reebonz team decided to down the site for maintenance.
So much for anticipating the traffic beforehand.
There's no free lunch in this world, and there's no free handbag either.
Haha. Back to reality!!!

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jellytelly_ri-chan さんのコメント...

ya lor!!! darn turned offf... legendary for epic sale FAIL!!! hahahahha