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Saw this piechart from my Nuffnang account yesterday (before midnight that is).  Very interesting to see people from all parts of the world dropped by my site! Happies!

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by! If you like my site please help to click any advertisements you see at the top or the left side bar!

Random fact about Me:

This is how I look like!

with makeover done of course! =P
*That's a hair wig by the way. I wish I had hair like that. =(

Of course I look like a passer-by during normal days where I hardly put makeup at work. But I do attempt to put on makeup on days where I do not need to work and is going out! So in summary I'm a lazy girl who loves makeup yet do not bother to make myself up everyday.

P.S. Review for MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick coming up! Singapore MAC counters have restocked it!  Get yours now if you still want! :) Retailing at 28SGD.


4 件のコメント:

Lisa さんのコメント...

Hi, thanks for joining my blog. I recently visited Singapore. I love your country. Lisa

jellytelly_ri-chan さんのコメント...

hahaha wuwah u took tat in a studio??? :) prettyyyy nee-chan~~~ hahaha :)

is that lippie good??? if good i wanna try ^+^

HarumiPq さんのコメント...

To Lisa: Thank you Lisa for joining mine too! I'm so glad you like Sg! Hope I have a chance to go Australia visit soon!

To Ri Chan: Thank you! I think Mac lippies are all the same? It is average in my opinion, because I think drugstore brand lippies like Maybelline are even more moisturising. But it is the colour that attracted me to buy. =D The price is not very expensive so still can buy!

Sup and Bella さんのコメント...

wow very the hair so prefect... xox