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Michelle Phanatic!



I cannot remember the exactly when did I know about Michelle Phan. It should be around 2006 during my poly days? But it was before her Lady Gaga video definitely. It was when she blogged in Xanga as ricebunny. From her blog I knew she was a gamer, an art student too. I can really say I grew up (in makeup knowledge) from watching her videos!

It was random chance that I came across her videos in youtube, and I absolutely adore all the tutorials she created. And it is amazing over the years the quality of her videos improved a lot (not that it was anywhere bad at all, but it has rise to very professional standards in my opinion). If you still don't know who I am talking about, click and watch the video and the link above.

There was a period of time she really updated her videos frequently (just before she got really really famous now) and I would go online everyday to check out if there was any new updates. But now that she's got twitter,facebook, I can just see from them to know if there's any.

I admit looks after one of the factors that attracted me to her videos. Her voice is amazing too as a "narrator", it is not childish squeaky or rough, it's soothing. And she really knows how to choose her music for her videos. Because of her, many of us "phanatics" learnt about Late Night Alumni's wonderful music.

She gives interesting information and tips, like from last time using a card or brush to shield your eyelids during mascara application, how to clean your brushes, and introduce interesting products like BrushGuard .

I'm so happy I knew her before she got this famous (saved me time from having to see her videos from the start), and also very happy for her that she has become successful! It's really wonderful to see people turning their passion into something that can be at the same time the main income of their life, into success.

And not to mention she has her own line of products now. I bought her IQQU acne serum and 1st generation sunblock for quite a long time. Will do a review for it next time!

P.s. I declare myself to be a Phanatic! =P

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jellytelly_ri-chan さんのコメント...

hahaa.... you are anyway LOL
but thanks to you I know who is Michelle Phan but so far I've only watched like a few of her tutorials... maybe I should start searching for her makeup tutorials that suits my work mood hehehe

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