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Out Alone - Chapter 2 Shopping!

So after my facial on last Friday afternoon, ( hair on top of head was very flat, due to wrapping up of my head with towel during facial) , I walked towards and Ngee Ann City's direction. My 1st thought was to tidy up my flat hair, thus I wanted to look for a clean toilet!

I randomly took the escalator up and found myself at the Mandarin Gallery. It was my 1st time there, and I was amazed to find so many shops inside (mostly high end). I found a toilet at the 3rd level. It was quite spacious and clean.

So after ruffling and arrange my hair, I felt much better and decided to head towards Ngee Ann City to spend my time window shopping! The very 1st place I headed to was my all time favourite place Kinokuniya! Japanese/Taiwan book section specifically. I was so happy that August Popteen magazine was out! And only a few copies left. Normally I don't specially go down to Kino to buy them, only when I happened to be in the area then I will check the magazines section out.  And Popsister was just beside it. I have never read Popsister before but was curious thus I headed towards the information counter and requested to browse through an opened copy of the magazine, along with Ageha magazine too. But I decided to save up my money after browsing through them, as I think the stuff that they publish are about the same. Gyaru makeup and fashion. But I still cannot resist buying Popteen as I think the images of the gyarus (gals) they portray are cho kawaii!

Popteen 1st time featring Nishino Kana  as their cover model!
Normally it's Kumiko chan!

And I browsed through to see if there were any interesting freebies along with the Jap mags, none really got me interested enough to purchase them. I headed towards the Taiwan magazine section. I didn't want to buy more magazines, but I was tempted (what's new?) by Mina, ViVi, and Fashion Guide (FG). Normally I would use to buy ViVi mag in Jap cos I think it's not worth it to buy Taiwan's version as I realised they actually "break up" one month Jap Vivi issue into maybe 2 months of the Taiwan's issue. Jap Vivi is usually twice as thick as Taiwan's one, thus also more expensive. But the good thing about Taiwan ViVi was that I could understand every single word written, whereas the for ViVi in Japanese I could only make out basic words.

It took me a long time to decide what to buy, as I'm trying to save up money, I couldn't afford to buy all the magazines I felt like! In the end I bought Fashion Guide, as I have never read it before. It is more of a makeup magazine. And it came with 2 free sachets of olay hair serum. Have not used it yet though.

 Inside of August PopTeen Magazine

Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival)  is coming.. Look at all the pretty Yukatas featured!
*P.s. Click on the pictures to view the full image. Only half the picture I taken is shown here! Maybe I should change my layout soon. Gomen ne.




Japanese Street Fashion opens Yukatas spree from time to time, the last one just closed! I was tempted to get one, but I've got no occasion/place to wear it, and I'm trying hard to save money now thus lack of action. =(

And look what I saw inside Fashion Guide magazine:

Adverts of
My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest Mask!


My Beauty Diary Southern France Apricot Mask!

I heard from my colleague that she saw Bird's Nest flavour is available in Singapore already, at Guardian/Watsons? I never bother checking out the masks in Singapore as I bought a lot from my trip to Taiwan last year. And buying in Taiwan is definitely much cheaper. And I gave a lot of the masks away! I gave away much more than I use them. I am just too lazy. But I still did try asking my colleagues who are in Taiwan currently to try to bring back a few for me if possible.

 Summer Makeup in Blue

Fashion Guide Beauty Awards 2010

Up for voting between 2010 July 1st and July 21st.

Okay enough of the magazine contents. After my shopping at Kino, I went to my next favourite place in Ngee Ann City. Watsons!

Didn't intend to buy anything... But......
My 1st Rimmel Haul!

There was this young girl promoting Rimmel products. I was browsing through the cosmetics section when she approached me and said " your lashes are very long! Want to try the new Rimmel volumnising mascara? No need to buy if you don't want!" Since I was free, I went along with her. She curl my lashes and applied on the mascara for me. The wand of the mascara is interesting, see below:

It is actually a mix of soft and hard brush head for great volumising effect! The bend part in front (soft portion) actually makes it easier to apply my inner eyelashes.

And it is really waterproof. In fact, I had slight difficulty removing the mascara! My lashes felt kinda harder, than other kind of masara I used before. (Shall post pictures n reviews of masaras I have soon!)  I'm using Loreal's lip and eye makeup removal. For the curling effect, it is not WoW! but it has some curling effects. But mainly because of my really naturally droopy lashes, a curler is really important. And by right one should not curl lashes anymore after applying mascara, but in order to have more obvious curls the promoter suggested curling once again after mascara. But still I don't recommend doing this as it makes your lashes more vulnerable to breaking. 

Yep so I decided to buy the mascara ($19.90) and the young Rimmel promoter said if I spend over $30.00 got free gift, and she would throw in one more lipgloss for me for free (that is suppposed to be for purchases over $50.00). That's because she say the sales for Rimmel is not very good. Which is kinda true as it is facing many other strong competitors just in Watsons alone! 

So I bought additional turqoise liquid eyeliner and duo ends green eyeliner pencil. I wanted a black kohl eyepencil but it was out of stock, and the promoter actually used the dark green end of the kohl pencil to line her lower lashline and it looked pretty much like black.

 They are clearing stocks for the coloured liquid eyeliners so the originally $15.90 liquid eyeliner is now $8.00 and the 2 sided coloured eyeliner pencils are now only $6.00, original price at $11.90 I think?

Free gift of lipgloss over $50, and free liner pencil over $30. Rimmel Cosmetic promotion ends 31st July.

Ohh and I saw Dolly wink products still in Watsons! The left over stocks of the falsies and some liquid eyeliner and brown pencil liner. But I already have mine, so nevermind. Haha..
Next up, went clothes shopping!
Came across this shop at ION orchard, I suspect it to be under the same company as TopShop Zara blah blah. There were some sales item. And I bought this :

White cotton Top. For $29.90. Originally at $49.90.

I'm a sucker for white clothings. I love White!

There are lots of sales at Zara, Topshop. Tried one pretty pink dress which cost $96 but it don't fit.And I met up with Yiting who was going to Taiwan. (now in Taiwan!) for a bit before her friends reached Orchard for dinner. She was tempted to buy the LuciDarling LED lipstick in one of the colours. I bought 2 myself, will do a review when I have the time!
Baby bought me this later on when we met up after we had dinner at Cineleisure:

To be used together with the cheap iron curler bought at Watson's sales last time.

Yep so I had a great day shopping and this is end of my lengthy blog. Thanks for reading! ♥

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jellytelly_ri-chan さんのコメント...

wuwahhh lovely buys.... i'm like so tempted to go town this whole week but nv get to chance to shop~~!!!! went ytd. but not feeling well *erlack*!

Its been quite some time since I last bought any Japanese fashion mag :P but Nishino Kana darn pretty!!!

I wanna get another MAC blusher!!! :( maybe I should check out Rimmel's eyeliners hahaha... I'm no sucker for mascara though... I wanna try out My Beauty Diary some day when I think i will use it... got quite a few other masks but never use... always prefer those applied on than those mask sheets hahaha.... :)

:O You wanna go Matsuri Fest @ Changi Japanese pri sch??? on the 21st August. :)

HarumiPq さんのコメント...

Haha thanks ri chan! Still not feeling well? Rest more to walk longer (orchard) roads! =P
With falsies nowadays, I think no need to own so many types of mascara. I also don't know why I bought, guess I was too bored that day and the promoter kept me company for a while that's why. Haha.=X
I know about the Natsu Matsuri on
21st Aug! It's 2 bucks for the tix right? I saw there are 5000 presale of the tix at their school? But don't have nice Yukata to wear there .... sobs.. lol. Still remember the only time I went there during sec sch days and rented their Yukata. I don't mind joining you and your friends though! hehe.

jellytelly_ri-chan さんのコメント...

hai~~~ genki ja arimasu !!! :( i think i fell ill again.. *sob sob*

haha quite... becoz of the wonders of falsies, I never need to worry that I don't have eyelash...hmmmm but its worth the try though.... if you are tired of falsies can switch to mascara hehee.

yeap S$2. my bro helped me pre-ordered from a friend not sure can get anot. if can, I got 1 extra tix. (nt sure if another friend wanna go anot). can rent yukata!!! :) I might not be wearing. probably wearing jinbei instead. hehee.... go ba... will be fine... last year went in yukata. but my makeup smudge=.=''i looked like panda!!! coz never put falsies. hahaa nvm this time will put n take more photos~~~