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Michelle Phan : Make Your Own Pore Strips

My favourite makeup artist Michelle has finally posted up her new video! Another D.I.Y tip! Useful and interesting! Enjoy! =)

I would love to try this but I wonder what is an alternative to microwaving the mixture? I have never used the microwave in my house for years and am scared of using it =X ( ok it sounds silly but I don't dare and really know how to use one, once I did at my workplace pantry I almost burnt down the place. )

And her IQQU acne serum has a new packaging! Haix.... Which is good because the 1st generation one that I bought, I have trouble getting the serum out. The pump doesn't work well at all. Shall review IQQU products soon! I'm a procrastinator. =I

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jellytelly_ri-chan さんのコメント...

:O i'm also quite afraid of using mircowave hahahaha....

u've got her new product???
i wanna try the uv block though.... but never get around buying it hahaha

HarumiPq さんのコメント...

nopex is old ones... the sunblock with old formula and acne serum with old packaging..

Christine さんのコメント...

Hmm..I used to use pore strips but they're actually not good for you! They are known for getting rid of the blackheads in the short run but they stretch out your pores even more (which means bigger blackheads the next time around o-o!). That happened to me sadly ;-;.A lot of dermatologists don't recommend using that. Toners he would be the best choice.

I do however, adore Michelle's videos!!

HarumiPq さんのコメント...

Hi Christine! Thanks for sharing about the enlarging of pores! That means you used to use them regularly?
Because I find them expensive so I don't real use them often (luckily).
Have you heard of by Cellnique
"Off with those Heads" product? I've just bought it, if it works I will post a review.. =)

Clueless Glamour さんのコメント...

Very Interesting!I love your blog!
Thanks for following me!

The Clueless Glamour Girl ;)

Clueless Glamour さんのコメント...

Great Blog! I will try your beauty tips!Thanks for following me!

The Clueless Glamour Girl ;)