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Happy Birthday Mum & Lucky Day for me!

02 Sept was my Mummy's Birthday, my sis and I bought this super yummy Mango mixed fruit cake (my sis fav =X) at Tampines Interchange Q-Bread. 1/2 kg for 25 SGD. Cheap and delicious! The cake sponge inside was soft and nice.

Make-a-wish time! Oops now you all know her secret.

Today was my lucky lucky day, one of which was finding the Ring. This pinky ring with blings from Taiwan! I thought I lost it for good but happened to find it in my cupboard! Because of losing this ring I bought another gold pinky ring, now I got 2 pinky rings! Oh well, one for each hand!

And this, is my Mummy's present that me and my sis shared, Vichy Total Pore Resurfacing Essence (Right). The rest are free samples for being a member! Okay there's a story behind this. One of the lucky things that happened but it wasn't lucky at 1st.

I was comparing the price between Watsons & Guardian for this product. Original retail price is 49 S
GD, Guardian was having 20% off for all Vichy products, whereas I saw a signage at Watsons Vichy shelf writing that Total Pore Resurfacing Essence was selling at 38 SGD! Now with 20% off,  buying at Guardian would still cost me $39.20. Obviously I would bought it at Watsons! And so I did. I bought it along with a pack of facial wipes for $1.95, and the Blur Queen in me did not think of anything when I paid $50+ dollars with my NETS card.

Only when I was about to step out of Watsons I randomly checked my reciept and saw in horror why was I being charged at $49.00 for the product instead of the offer price $38.  I went back to the shelf to check the signage, and then did I discover that the offer was from XX Aug to 01 Sept (Written in much smaller fonts below) And today was 02 Sept! At first, I wanted to walk away silently, as this was not the 1st time I encounter such a thing, that the selling place forget to remove the promotion signage even though the promotion had ended.

But I decided to "feedback"  in case other consumers get "cheated" by the signage for the day. I approached one of the Watsons's staff and she got the OLAY promoter to find the Vichy promoter back in store. She was on the phone outside Watsons during my buy. She apologised to me and offered to void the item and refund or just sell it to me at $38. So I followed her to the cashier and queued up for my refund of $11.

 I was very happy at that point already as the problem was resolved, but she still asked me to go back to the counter with her and said she would sign me up as a Vichy member. She said spending $20 would be eligible to be a Vichy Member and she gave me a welcome gift. Which are the samples shown above. A nice additonal gift for my Mum! And the promoter's name was Nor. Thank you Nor! I didn't expect her to go the extra mile, because others didn't in the past did that to me =|
And on a small small note, I did gain extra 2 Wastsons point because of this error =X

Hope it works and would help to minimise my Mum's pores!

And my sis and I bought this 11oz Passionfruit Yoghurt for $9.40  from Frolick at Tampines 1 basement.
We chose Oreo and Granola for our 2 free toppings. It was <3 ! Yums!!! Thumbs up.

Other more personal lucky stuff happened to me today too but shall not say here.. in short maybe my Mum's birthday brought me luck!

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Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 さんのコメント...

I'm glad that you're in good relationship with your mother, and the bday delly looks all so yummy <3

jellytelly_ri-chan さんのコメント...

looks yummy cake!!!!! LOL lucky you ~~~~ but yea, some people will just walk away after paying so much for something like this. since it was said as S$38. so not really your fault hahaha. but u are really really lucky!!! hahaha.

and oh do wish your mum a Happy Birthday =D

HarumiPq さんのコメント...

Thanks Hye Rin & Ri Chan!

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ さんのコメント...

The birthday cake looks yummy!! XDXD

Jennifer and Sherry さんのコメント...

that fruit cake looks SOOOOOOO good

Jennifer & Sherry

nora1987 さんのコメント...

the yoghurt looks so creamy!! now i'm craving for it! hehe, the vichy girl is so sweet :) let me know if the pore minimiser works okay.. my pores are like so huge :(

HarumiPq さんのコメント...

Dear Nora, the yoghurt is good!!! The take home 11oz is value for money as compared to the small cups.. Will ask my mum to faster use the product! she still have not touch it =.="

Pixie D さんのコメント...

Passion fruit yogurt looks delicious XD and the cake =P

siwing さんのコメント...

mm fruit cake is the best !!