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最近、欲しい物は何?(Saikin, Hoshiimono wa nani?) What do you want recently?

My list :

Gucci Guilty EDT

Newly launched, tested it at Sephora Ion and am in love with it. Though the reviews for it online are so-so, there are still people who likes it like me. Some say that it's not worth the money as you can get other brands of similar fragrance at a lower price. But the packaging is so classy!

And these pairs of lovely boots from .

I want the milky white or denim coloured one! I think the milky white would be good! =X

And the boots that are above knee caps! Can hide my fat ugly legs!!! These can be folded down too, Pretty!!!

Which colour should I choose? T_T

No I am not supposed to be spending anymore. These shall stay on my wishlist. =(

7 件のコメント:

FashionableAsians さんのコメント...

Both boots look so pretty in white so perfect for fall/winter!!!

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 さんのコメント...

cream one! it's really cute xD~~~~

jellytelly_ri-chan さんのコメント...

ganbare ne nee-chan!!! hehehe .... ma... recently... hmmmm only some shoes probably hahah if not i'll just get the cheaper alternatives hehehe ^^

Fé... さんのコメント...

I was given the sample of Gucci Guilty and it smelled kinda good. But my all time favorite is of course Chloe fragrance. Best of the best! Have a wonderful day!

HarumiPq さんのコメント...

Thanks for the comments!
Hi Fé...I love the Chloe fragrance packaging and I think a lot of Japanese likes Chloe too! But problem is I tested it at the airport before but I didn't really like the smell. Which is very sad because I really wanted to get one. I hope the next time round I want to get a new fragrance I might test it again and maybe change my mind! =)

Amilia さんのコメント...

I love the denim colored crop boots! GET IT!!

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 さんのコメント...

Hi there, thanks for your recent comment =D sorry that I replied here cuz I couldn't find a tagboard on your site..

My father is chinese, my mother is Korean. That's it.hehe. and my BF is chinese. full~

and he is the one who sing the song,hehe2

thank you. and sorry that I've posted it here>.<