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海鲜食霸 Seafood Park 煮炒 (Tze Char)

Saw an episode of  <煮炒来咯> or Check out the Video here: Tampines Assam fishhead 淡滨尼亚叁鱼头) last month and they were introducing Tze Char in Tampines area, one of which was opposite my old school Temasek Polytechnic.

 If you don't know what "Tze Char" is, as defined from  :
"An all-rounder Chinese food stall serving a wide variety of a la carte dishes usually with white steamed rice and soups. A zhi char stall usually has the highest sales turnover of the eating outlet that it occupies and thus forms the anchor tenant and main draw of the eating place, typically a coffeeshop. Also spelled 'zhi cha', 'zi char', 'zi cha', 'cze char', 'tze char'; in Mandarin, 煮炒 (pinyin: zhu2 chao3) which literally means 'cook & fry', in reference to the de rigueur use of frying (almost always with woks) in preparing most dishes."

My sister's 21st birthday was just over, but we didn't had a proper celebration, thus I brought the family out for dinner to this Tze char 海鲜食霸 (Seafood Park) to try out the dishes as introduced in the TV show.

麦片排骨 (Cereal Pork ribs) - SGD 10
It was love at 1st mouth for this dish. Crispy cereal on the outside and juicy pork rib meat on the inside. Yums! I forgot to do a close up on the salad cream(on the left side of the above photo). As introduced in the show, they made the salad cream themselves and it is made up of mayonnaise, lime juice and orange juice. It was appetizing, and reduced the oiliness of the pork ribs, a perfect combination with the dish!

相思芥兰 (Deep Fried Kailan Leaves with Pork Floss) - SGD 8
This was one of the special creative dish introduced on the show that attracted me to try the stall. The chef cuts the leaves Kailan into very fine floss like size and deep fry them. It is seasoned with salt and pepper. Topped with pork floss, it tasted great! Even my little 12 year old cousin dared to eat this (as with many kids that hates veggies) and found it nice. BUT, under the nice fluffy veggie leaves, are the stems and some remaining uncut pieces of Kailan leaves, prepared with garlic and other seasoning as stated in the show. The stems are a bit hard and tasted slightly bitter. We didn't eat finish the remaining stems as none of us like it >.<

咸蛋虾(Salted Egg Fried Prawns) SGD 16
  This dish was not introduced in the show, but my younger sis loves prawns so prawns was a must-order dish. The staff recommended us to order this and so we did. My mum loves this dish. It was not bad, but I didn't find anything special, maybe because I'm not a prawn lover and I don't really like eating prawns with shells on.

亚叁鱼(Assam Fish) SGD 26
Here is the Main Character of the day! In the show they introduced the fish head, but my mum ordered the whole fish instead. Because we little ones don't know how to eat fish head (my mum says very little meat all bones only). The Assam curry was good!!! Sour and sweet and spicy! My mum loves this dish too. Appetizing. Thumbs up for this.

I asked my mum to rate the the overall food and she gave a rating of 4/5 stars! I would recommend friends to go eat too! So in total I spent $62.80 for the meal. 4 bowls of rice would cost $0.50 each and $0.80 for 4 wet towels.

Address of 海鲜食霸
Tampines Blk 823 (Opposite Temasek Polytechnic)
Facing Prime Market 百美百货对面 (The coffeeshop beside KFC)
Contact No: 62600548
Opening Hours: 11am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-11pm

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Would someone take me out for a big buffett? Promise I'll finish my meal and even eat the vegetables :p They're all yummy! Great post!

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