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Birth Of Cinderelleira

Born on 11 July 2007, 11:55pm.

Gender: Female

Given name: Cinderelleira


Parent: AriellePq

Purpose in Life: To help mother blog down her materialistic life and pray to fairy godmother for worldly (personal) desires.

Interview (w/ AriellePq)

Q: Why call her Cinderelleira?

A: As we all know Cinderella was a poor girl who with the help of her fairy godmother found her Prince Charming and led a happy ever after life. Being a (financially) below average girl, of course I would hope that my girl would become Cinderella. Spell Arielle backwards, plus the word Cinder in front , and voila! Cinderelleira =)

P.S. Of course in this real world women should never rely on the belief that they can totally depend on their Prince Charming for the rest of their lives. Even without fairy godmother and Prince Charming, we should be able to live well independently.

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