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Blue Nails

I like blue colour, because it's one of the good colours for me according to my mum who knows how to 算八字. Thus out of boredom one day I decided to buy blue varnish to paint my nails.

The lighter blue with glitter on my nails is from Canmake (a jap brand) bought from Watsons at $6.90. The dark blue on top is actually from Daiso (Vivo city outlet) , so the price is obvious. (In case you have no idea what Daiso is, it's a all items $2 concept shop). I'm so proud of my end product, I thought it looked like it was done in those manicure pedicure shops =D

After many days later, I tried to paint my fingernails with the 2 bottles of blue nail varnish. But I found it difficult to keep them in perfect condition, the blue varnish were too thick to dry properly. So I had to give up the stupid idea of painting my nails after many tries (i.e. cleaning up my nails and reapplying everything again, base coat, colour coat, protective coat).

And I was so frustrated I spilt my Daiso nail varnish on my marble floor! Artistic right? Luckily I managed to clean it up with my nail varnish remover.

But it's time to remove my nail varnish, my toenails are growing revealing unpainted new nails.

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