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Girls will never have enough shoes, how true is that?

Very true. Haha. Cinderella was fortunate to have that pair of glass slippers, so how could Cinderelleira go easy on her shoes? ( spouting nonsense =x)

The other day shopping with Hui Eng my sweetie pie shopping khaki at Square 2, we weren't able to find shoes that we like, even though there were a number of shoe shops there.

Then, not long after I went to Bedok Interchange with Baby to buy his Mum's birthday gold pendant, I passed by this shoe shop and went in. Fascinated by the designs, I tried this and that. Finally earned a pair of shoes from Baby.

Tada ~

This pair of slippers is made of very light material, plastic I suppose. Not meant for walking long distance.


Later on, we passed by another shoe shop. Couldn't resist the temptation to take a lot. Then Baby starts to tell me this nice that nice and ask me to try. End up buying another 2 pair.

His favourite pair is this blue-orange high-heeled slipper. The heels are the same texture and colour as the blue in front. And this was only 1/2 price, original 26.90! So i only paid 14 bucks. But I bought the blue high heeled slipper for 29.90, it's new arrival from HK. Part of the reason I bought it was because it felt very comfortable when I wore it, unlike the other 2 shoes which were pretty but not very comfortable.

So I consoled myself by saying it's rare that I can find things that I like, should buy. If not it will be like the other time, when I cannot find the goods that I like when I really want to buy. =X

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