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x.x Spendthrift x.x

This month I have spent way too much on junk food =X

and this and that.

Should restrict myself from now onwards.....

For example...

Super (ex) Sanrio Cookies

Went shopping with Sis and saw this. I bought it for 11 dollars plus only because I want the box! =x

The whole box is full of coffee smell which I don't really like =/ ( cos one of them is coffee flavoured)

Went into this 1 for 1 shop. I liked this for the glitter studs in the hair clip. But seriously I don't wear this kind of clip. Impulse shopping =/

That day I also bought shoes for work, 19.90. (spent quite a lot tt v fateful day my sis went to do my pre-employment checkup with me.. )
Let's backtrack a little. Bought this necklace for 10 bucks during one of the meet ups with sweetie HuiEng at cineleisure. It's like the sweetest colour I ever seen in a necklace bead b4... =D

There's 3 ways to wear this!

And backtrack a little more. Bought this at BGH Southernhaven for $39. At 1st I tot it came with the inner piece sphag, in the end it didn't. The lacey inner piece was another freaking 2o over bucks. I nearly bought the inner piece also. Luckily I didn't. Cos I don't have that kind of budget. $39 bucks for this is still quite ex to me! But fall in love at 1st sight becos of the color and design. Later on a someone told me this design is quite hot in Korea now.

Pardon Cinderelleira's messy Master bedrm.

Big hole in pocket now.

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