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Celebrating Nov 4th on Oct 26th 2007

5 Yrs together already... Time flies...

Sad to say, today he is still at tekong for outfield. But we celebrated beforehand last weekend.
Went to Orchard's Partyworld for karaoke... My 1st time there. Felt that the environment is more for adults unlike KBOX who's interior designs are like for teens... Recieved my 2nd bouquet of real flowers from him. Of course I was elated to recieve them. =) The 1st bouquet was one of the Xmas a few yrs ago.

Took quite a while to warm up into Singing... Cos both of us a bit paiseh.. Haha.. Although we been together for so long but nvr go singing together b4..

Pose pose for cam

Went to Ngee Ann City Lvl 5 to eat.. Seriously have no idea what has Betty Boop got to do with their theme of the restuarant?

Posing for my cam leh. lol.

My order. But the milky taste was too strong. Nt v nice actually.

His order. Well, according to him, it was not bad.

Ice-cream and apple crumble. But the apple crumble's bottom tasted like flour that is not well done.

Cheese with Brownie. Wierd combination. Brownie was tasty, cheese was too salty.

Close up of the sweet flowers =D . 6 pink stalks. Like the sweet pink v much. But he said he chose pink because the reds were sold out. bleh.

Forgive my dark circles.

Very sweetly done. Chocs from Taiwan. Hearts from him. Was done in the camp.
Was a perfect day together, spending quality time together. Just that didn't like him to play his stupid PSP while waiting for food to be served. Haha...

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