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Geylang Dimsum & VivO/Sentosa

Sweetie Hui Eng brought me to this dimsum eatery in geylang for brunch Ate minced pork porridge ($2), har gao, cha sao zhu chang fen, cha sao bao. Yummy! I drank warm barley water ($1.50) and it came in a container. They had aloe vera chunks in it, quite nice =). Both of us spent 20 bucks altogether. As per sweetie, this shop is 24 hrs, and is crowded at nite and wkends. After tt we proceeded to Vivo for our Sentosa trip.

Bought this funny cartoon accessories at DaiSo! Always $2 shop. Haha.. Actually was I was looking for straw hat in Daiso (but to no avail). Then she came across this 3 banglets and 3 rings in one bundle for $2 bucks. It matched mine and hers outfit, so we bought it and wore it straight! Couple rings! haha..Also bought a very sweet rainbow coloured hairband for tying hair each. =D After tt we spent the whole day in Sentosa photo-whoring. Lol.

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