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Almost Done.

Wishes . . .
1. Go Ngee Ann City's Watsons see the MM pdts!!! den wat else ~~
2. Buy new phone for room....
3. Pinky ring!
4. Eyebrow shaping ... with EasyPerfect Esther?
5. Haircut

From previous post.

I've done number 1-4.
1. See MM pdts . see only.
2. Buy 6.90 cheapo phone at Carrefour. =D
3. Buy 9.00 silver pinky ring from the same jewellary shop (lost the previous same one)
4. Eyebrow shaping package bought from Easy Perfect Esther @ China Square.

For 5. Haircut.... I'm contemplating to go back Komachi the Hair Cult or not.... Love to but the price is holding me back.... =( . Want to grow long hair but current hair is really shapeless and a bit unkempt? . So irritating ~

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