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November Rain.

Nov wasn't a v good month for saving money.

Squandered almost all my savings for the month, for sch fees!

Bought diamond earrings in the shape of rose studs, out of impulse.

Small shiny stones cost a bomb. Bleh. Even though the other half sponsored HalF.

Bought 3 pieces of top and dress online. Added up to 81.00.

Got a good bargain for a pair of checkered ballet pumps for $17 @ Charles and Keith Ware house sales. =D After that took bus to Geylang with 2 buddy colleagues to eat MongKok Dim Sum. yum yum. $12 each.

what else..... almost wanted to buy anna sui's blue lipgloss but no stock. jus as well. it's freaking 33 bucks retail price. oh and ended up paying more for a present for a friend... but it' ok as long as she likes it... =D

Ate a lot of good japanese food this month with the other Half . lol. so the wallet suffers.

Every post is a mind shocking heart aching reflection of my spending habits. >.<

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