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Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam, $15.90
Aqualabel White Up Emulsion S/R, $29.90
S-Supple: For normal to oily/combincation skin
R-Rich: For normal to dry/dehydrated skin
*Mine's S ^.^
Aqualabel, a Japanese skincare line under Shiseldo is going to be officially launched in Singapore at Watsons on July 1st. They had a soft launch at the Tampines Mall Atrium last week. With every $30 purchased you'll be entitled to a free facial, and if you log in facebook and click like on their page they would give you one more facial voucher! 
Aqualabel has been available in Japan and Taiwan for quite some time and finally it's hitting the market in Singapore now, and it has been featured in 女人我最大 before. In that episode the skincare teacher was promoting the red colour range for dry and sensitive skin.

My colleagues and I happened to hit TM last friday after work and was introduced to these products by one of their staff. As both my facial wash and moisturiser (Neutrogena Hydro boost mousse cleanser and water gel) was going to be finished, I decided to try out this line.
The blue coloured bottles are the Whitening range whereas the red coloured bottles are the Moisturing range.
The most special product they have is the Aqualabel Enhancer (both ranges also have their own enhancer).
It's a very interesting concept, the idea is to seal in all the nutrients/moisture that we have applied on our faces. It says in it's description as a "powerful 'infusion' skincare step that ensures all ingredients from previous skincare products are effectively and maximally absorbed" and "supercharges essential ingredients into deep layers of your skin with high concentrations of Aqua Syngery" .

But as I thought that I should just get what I need first thus I didn't get their star product. Seems that their masks are quite good too? The promoter introduced me to get the red range for facial as I have dry to combi skin, but for emulsion she said I can just get the Blue range (I'm always interested in whitening).

Have not opened up to try their products yet, will do a review when I've done so! =D

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