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Asus Laptops more reliable!

One of the main reason why I bought Asus brand laptop over other brands is because I saw this in the Asus brochure I got from SimLim Square.

The original paper can be viewed here:

If you are too lazy to read in full,

Print screened from here :

And of course with comparison of other brands at the recent June IT fair at Suntec, for the same price, only Acer matched the specifications that Asus had offered. Being a IT idiot, of course I brought my SO to help me analyse. But Asus have 2 years international warranty whereas Acer only have 1. And Acer ranks 3rd last reliable in the survey. Thus I bought my 1st Asus laptop!!! =D (In advance spending my bonus $$$ ahem~)

My A42JC baby. That cost me 1398SGD....

Back to work tml! =/

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jellytelly_ri-chan さんのコメント...

wuwahhh my dear cousin... if i hadn't read Rouge Deluxe's blog I wont' know that your blog is back alive again..... :P

and i see ur sudden splurge hahaha.... lots of dolly wink huh??? =) its a nice brand lashes, worth to splurge on..... but S$26.90 for 2 pairs a little too pricey for me hehehe. but lovely make up.

hahaha cya around soon =)