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Dolly-Wink Inspired Nails

So other than Dolly Wink Falsies, Candy Doll, Tsubasa san has come up with the Dolly Wink Nail Collection!
It has 2 themes in the Dolly Wink website, Pastel Dolly and Vivid Dolly.

Here are some of the nail colours available:

And I was inspired by this:

Of course I don't have Dolly Wink's newly launched nail colours, but I thought of the Barbie Pink like nail colour I bought from The Face Shop at the recent GSS and decided to paint my nails like this:

Both the pink and black are using TheFaceShop nail colours. They are cheap (I think retails at $2.90) and easy to work with. I 've used Sally Hansan Diamond Shine as base and top coat.
It was a rushed-thru job though, so not very good. =X

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