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Fun Make-over gathering

Had a fun day spent at a colleague's house with 5 other beloved colleagues doing make-over for everyone. We brought Arnold's chicken meal to her house for lunch, and after it was lesson time!!! I helped 2 pretties did their eyemake up. The sharing session was on because a lot of the girls said they didn't know how to put fake falsies on. But I didn't bring my camera there so I can only come back to camwhore myself. I guess could check out the photos at either Nora's or Yiting's beauty blog! =)

This were some of the items I used on my face today.
Clockwise from top left: Guerlains' travel pact meteorite loose powder, Dolly Wink Falsies Eyecase (I used it to contain the No.1 Dolly Sweet upper fakelash and no.5 Real Nude bottom lash), YSL Touche Eclate Radiant Touch (for highlight), Lavashuca Eye Shadow palette BR-2, Dolly Wink Eyelash glue, IQQU sunscreen (Favourite!), Bobbi Brown Concealor, Bobbi Brown Corrector.
I forgot to take photo of my fav Jill Stuart mix blush compact in 03 coral glow!

Please bear with my narcissism (vanity).. Couldn't resist snapping some photos before I wash them off! I normally don't wear makeup to work even though I am so interested in them as I am toooo lazy to wake up 5 mins earlier to draw my face. I only "transform" myself when I'm not working! Here goes!:

Bread-face =(

Feeling vain after I came back I curled my straight fine hair myself for the 1st time using the cheap Watson's curling iron bought at the recent sales.
Messy I know. >.<

Wearing the Dolly Wink's Lower Falsies in No. 5 Real Nude. It looks super natural!

My eyebrows are drawn with the dark brown eyeshadow from the Lavshuca palette.

Hair half tied-up look.

But I don't know why my Dolly Wink no.1 lashes look so droopy on my eyes, not curled up at all. Yiting wore them and it looks so curled! She said maybe it's the way I stick my lashes on so it looks flat. But that the the Bobbi Brown makeup artist sticked for me also droopy! Don't know is because the way I cut the lashes myself? I must try again when I've the time!!!

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Thanks for the follow. よろしくお願いします☆

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nice nails!

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