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Happy Birthday to Atashi

KTV session & Lovely Birthday Cake from
 Colleagues Yiting, Melva, Sin Yee & Zell 15.02.12

Created by SO during movie time :)

Top Left: Birthday dress. 
Top right: Taste paradise at Ion with Mummy.
                                         Bottom Left: Underworld movie with Mummy and him.
 Bottom Right: Chocolate cake from cousin Michelle. ^^

Harumi is a blessed girl, to be surrounded by lovely family, friends and colleagues. Although she wished that her significant other could have spent more time with her. she (tries to) understands that he needs to study and sleep because of upcoming mock exams.

Happy Birthday Girl! I wish for you to grow up to be a more humble, mature, caring and understanding lady who will not stop learning in this life journey! Love yourself and love others. <3 <3 <3

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Murasaki NekoHime さんのコメント...

Happy birthday! ^^/

HarumiPq さんのコメント...

Thank you Murasaki Neko Hime san! ^^