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DollyWink Haul

Okay so for a while I was searching for Dollywink products after I realised they were no longer sold in Ngee Ann City Watsons since Jan this year. And Haru-san from Rougedeluxe mentioned in her blog that it would be available from 10 Jun to 16 Jun!!
So not wanting to miss out the chance of getting them again I specially took off day to get them the 1st thing in the morning at Watsons NAC on 10 Jun!!!
When I reached there, around 1030am, the ppl from Koji were in the midst of setting up the booth at the entrance. So many fake eyelashes, the full range was available =D There were 1 or 2 girls even earlier than me choosing the lashes.
So I took a basket like them and start piling the goodies in the basket for me and my friend. I'm a happy girl!!! But the damage done was horrid, haha... spent 193 over dollars in that reciept! All for Dollywink products!( But $66 ++ belonged to my friend's la.. =P)

So here's what I've bought :

So it's the eyelash glue on top($16.90) and the pink plastic casing($9.90) for keeping your lashes. The lashes on top are the upper lashes no. 1 and 2 together with the bottom lashes 5 and 6 below. One box ($24.90) contains 2 pairs of lashes and a glue.

So far I've only tried upper lash no.1 for my friend's wedding dinner together with the eyelash glue fixer that I've bought. My eye makeup was done by Bobbi Brown.

I can say that the eyelash fixer is quite strong as my lashes stayed on well and was qutie easy to remove too! Actually my good friend said that Heroine's Kiss me eyelashe fixer is better dries faster. Previously I was contemplating whether to buy DollyWink's or Kiss me's eyelash fixer/glue but due to the fact that I may not be able to get DollyWink's product as readily as Kiss me I bought the fomer. But I noticed that Dolly's contains Latex and is the top ingredient whereas Kiss me does not contain any Latex at all. So if you are sensitive to latex maybe you should not get Dollywink's eyelash glue.

And now that I've got my hands on the Dolly Wink's products, I am trying hard to resist buying Kiss me's no.1 mascara and eyelash fixer!!!! Talk about being thrifty.

Shall end this post with my look for my friend's wedding dinner! =P

Photos taken with Canon 550D (bought on Jun 10 present for him).
This post was posted with my new ASUS lappy bought on Jun10 too =D

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