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Billy Bombing Baby

And so... because I got a coupon from Billy Bombers that time I dined with Grace, that says 10 bucks off for min. $20 spent, so one day after work last month Baby and Me went to the Billy Bombers at Cineleisure to eat dinner.

But upon sitting down, I read the coupon again and realised that this was only applicable on weekdays! That particular day was not weekday. What to do?

The prices on Billy Bomber menu is higher than your Pastamania menu.

Anyway, we just ordered a main course we thought that would be big serving, along with a soup and ice-cream lime drink.

Serving not as big as the price.
This is tasty =)
Anyway, halfway eating through, I realised the table behind Baby was someone I did not like to see and felt uncomfortable seeing. Luckily Baby did not know and he was big enough to block me from that person. But my appetite was spoilt and he ended up having the chance to finish up eveything on the plate. Haha. For this the price I paid was to pay for the bill, as I did not want him to move too much and let that person see me (or him). I used my new debit card from POSB to pay for that freaking expensive meal. Anyway later Baby got to know who that person was.
Seriously the 5 course meal offer is more worth it if you want to dine at Billy Bombers.

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