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Gifts from Batam

Baby had went to Batam with his mother last month and came back with a couple of things for me.

1. Ripcurl Slippers
2. Fake Birkenstocks
3. Ralph Lauren Polo Tee (Silver Embroidery)

But I realised that no one will know that the Ripcurl slippers are Rip Curl Slippers, because the words are not visible at all (as u can see in the 1st picture). So I used the silver marker I bought last time to colour it. The effect was good. =)

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TuRtlEgG さんのコメント...

OMG... I got a exactly same polo shirt from your tall man and his cousin as my birthday gift... Hahaha... Next time if going together and you are wearing that must inform me in advance~ Lol.