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Pasta VIP

I received the Pastamania VIP member card last month. To apply for this card it's very tedious if you rely on your ownself. Why? Because you need to buy 300 bucks worth of pasta in order to be eligible for the card. And what do you get in the end? A VIP member card that is valid only for 1 YEAR that allows you to get 10% discount off ONLY ON pasta and pizzas. Not the whole bill wor.
How in the world did I get this card? Haha.. coz last year my birthday was celebrated at Pastamania so already spent 100 bucks there. You get a stamp on their paper card for every 10 bucks spent on pasta and pizza. The other 200 bucks was accumulated by me and baby.
Well, I bet I would not get back $300 bucks worth of discount within one year.

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